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Personal bio: Hello there. I am GodsOfOlympus, founder and head administrator of this very chat service, at your service. I've mostly retired from day-to-day managerial duties to focus on higher-level strategic planning and technical decisions, but I can occasionally be found in #officially-casual fielding questions from users or just hanging out. You never know unless you look, hm?

It is my firm belief that free, unobtrusive, and minimally constrained access to the global information network is nearly an essential of modern life. As such, I consider it my solemn duty to provide such access to as many people as possible. In light of recent terrorist activities and resultant damage to so much technological infrastructure, Unichat has become the de facto standard platform for many forms of communication. Therefore, I take any and all reports of sabotage, espionage, or cyberbullying on this service very seriously. Please report any and all such activities immediately. Consult the documentation on the /report command (try "/help report") or /message a moderator as needed.

I fervently hope you enjoy using this service as much as I do administering it.

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