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Updates Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM EST
[Unichat log --]
(13:42)Seabiscuit: So, the dear breakfast pastry wants to know what you're doing in Russia, and to bring him proof. What do?
(13:42)Seabiscuit: (Also... Um... Regarding those loopholes... How would one go about using one, to save someone on the ship?)
(13:44)__RSPTN__: Much like me, a shatterpoint must be true, but only technically. If the mandated outcome is the destruction of the ship, which it is, then the survival of the crew or passengers is technically irrelevant.
(13:44)__RSPTN__: Of course, there are more esoteric ways to get around it, but those hardly seem important with a simpler approach available.
(13:45)Seabiscuit: Oh?
(13:46)__RSPTN__: Unfortunately, I don't understand them. Pancake might, which is all the more reason to dig into his network. Unfortunately, him understanding my actions in Russia is an unacceptable cost.
(13:47)Seabiscuit: O- oh...
(13:47)__RSPTN__: It seems we are at something of an impasse. But, if my understanding is correct, something big is about to happen, which may cause... a shifting of priorities.
[Unichat log --]
(13:50)OITHEOI: Operators, there has been a change of plans. Half an hour after hostilities begin, a Russian SAR ship will enter the CZ. This vessel is on loan from an associate of mine, and will participate in the recovery of a high-priority asset onboard the target. Do not engage. All other mission elements remain as briefed.
[Unichat log --]
(13:23)ThatOneVampChick: Any idea why Theo wants me to mind-control a Russian transport captain?
(13:23)__RSPTN__: Oooooooh. Maybe. The easiest way to test it is to go along with it.
(13:23)__RSPTN__: After our little game here first, of course.
(13:32)__RSPTN__: God [censored] dammit, get off my flanks!
(13:33)ThatOneVampChick: Make me!
[Unichat log --]
(13:54)pwnz0rz: welp
(13:54)pwnz0rz: gg
(13:55)metampsychotic: oh well! for our first time EVER, i think we did pretty well!
(13:55)SonjaOfTheMoon: Heh, maybe. I'm still going to drown my sorrows in caffeine.
(13:56)EntropicPhantom: I don't think that's how coffee works.
(13:56)pwnz0rz: dude ist baslically magic ok it can do whatever
System: Incoming private message from user pwnz0rz:
(13:47)pwnz0rz: plus im pretty sure cophee joke sis how sojna deals w/ emotions
/message reply Hey, I'm just playing along!
(13:57)SonjaOfTheMoon: It's just chemistry, but that's often indistinguishable... Speaking of magic, Alex, we should talk about that thing you mentioned earlier.
/message SonjaOfTheMoon The cthulhu scanner?
System: Incoming private message from user SonjaOfTheMoon:
(13:58)SonjaOfTheMoon: The one and only!
(13:58)SonjaOfTheMoon: AFK, someone's at the door.
(13:59)EntropicPhantom: Same, actually.
Stop typing. Don't ask who I am. Don't acknowledge this message. Don't tell your friends about it. If you look beyond that door, you will never see anything again.
/message FelisKitty H- hey, uhm...
[Unichat log --]
(13:57)SonjaOfTheMoon: It's just chemistry, but that's often indistinguishable... Speaking of magic, Alex, we should talk about that thing you mentioned earlier.
System: Incoming private message from user EntropicPhantom:
(13:57)EntropicPhantom: The cthulhu scanner?
/connect org.private.moon -> /message services coffeebot {size=12oz, cream=0, sugar=1}
(13:57)System: (FROM:org.private.moon) Delivery services are temporarily unavailable.
/message reply The one and only!
(13:58)SonjaOfTheMoon: AFK, someone's at the door.
(13:59)EntropicPhantom: Same, actually.
/account history backup --file=/tmp/sonja.bak
/message --file=/tmp/sonja.bak deniable_bot14035
/rm /tmp/sonja.bak
(14:01)System: User SonjaOfTheMoon has disconnected.
[Unichat log --]
/message FelisKitty Oh, roomie dearest, where you at?
System: Incoming private message from user FelisKitty:
(14:08)FelisKitty: Professor Blackwood's office. I had office hours. He's-
System: Incoming private message from user FelisKitty:
(14:09)FelisKitty: He's been shot, Alex. Oh, my God. There's blood everywhere.
[Unichat log --]
(14:01)silentconspirator: I have the package and am exfiltrating. Tell me the ship's ready.
(14:01)Admiral Pancake: Of course. Were there any unexpected developments during your recovery?
(14:02)silentconspirator: Nope. It's going to be hours before they can fix the damage I did to their security, and I've still got clear feeds.
(14:03)silentconspirator: Let's just hope our alternate selves' op throws enough instability into the mix to muddy our escape vector...
[Unichat log --]
[Unichat log --]
/message services coffeebot {size=12oz, flavor="vanilla", location="main lounge"}
(14:20)System: If coffee delivery doesn't work on the moon, what gives you the idea it would work here?
[Unichat log --]
(14:07)MrE: Where are you taking me? What is the meaning of this?
(14:07)System: No one hears you (empty channel).
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): I think talking about this page any further would just make it harder to follow, so instead I'm going to draw attention to the TWC vote button at the top of the page, which has been there, completely unmentioned, for longer than I care to admit. Poking it would be amazing!
Arbiter: "The Satirical Incident"
"Bet You Guys Wish You'd Listened To Us Now" edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: "Bet You Guys Wish You'd Listened To Us Now"


In retrospect, she blocked Wildcat, so Wildcat can't be like "I told ya so", but someone else totally should when Sonja is unkidnapped... edit delete reply
Arbiter: Or (to steal your idea) Wildcat could use an alt. That might be better, actually, what with the characters starting to get wise to the Conspiracy of Readers. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Heeee! How about being troll and sending the message as 'Wildcat2' -snerk- edit delete reply
Arbiter: "Wildcat2: Even Wilder"
"Wildcat2: Wildcat's Revenge"
"Wildcat2: The Wildening"
"Wildcat2: Electric Boogaloo"
"Wildcat2: This Time It's Not Wildcat1"
"Wildcat2: Wild Harder"
"Wildcat2: The Second One"
"Wildcat2: This Time It's Personal"
"Wildcat2: Stop It Arbiter, This Joke Wasn't Funny the First Time and It Certainly Isn't Funny Now That You've Run It Into the Ground"
"Wildcat2: Wildcat Saves Christmas" edit delete reply
Wildcat: Heh. I was going to wait for her to unblock me, but this is amusing edit delete reply
Arbiter: Also, as anyone who witnessed my first attempt to include a link in one of my posts knows, I'm not a very technical person. As such, the weird codey thing that happens before Sonja disconnects is completely meaningless to me. I know that .bak signifies a backup file and /rm means remove, but aside from that I have no idea what's going on. Could anyone who isn't a total n00b please give me the gist? edit delete reply
Dellis: I didn't understand it until you explained the meaning of the /RM command.

It seems the one at Sonja's door used her PC to create a backup of all her conversations, send it to a "deniable bot", and then erased it.

The "package" might be our lovable moon girl, wwwwhich means we're in deeep [censored] right now. edit delete reply
Arbiter: Yeah, I'm pretty sure she is the package. Jeez, where are they taking her? I assume Panny wants her alive (at least for the time being) or he wouldn't have bothered to kidnap her, but surely he understands that it would be dangerous to take someone who's spent their entire life on the moon directly to Earth.
...Right? edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Aww, you two... I love watching people discuss stuff like this! :) edit delete reply
SansTheComic: ... is MrE in that weird dream-state thingy ana was in? edit delete reply
Arbiter: The ability to interact with Unichat while dreaming is a superpower common to all people with yellowish-orangish text.
This is a superhero comic. I don't care what anyone says. edit delete reply
FallenLeaves: So, this admin person (presumably) prevented Entropic from answering the door. They seem to have somewhat-similar goals to us, but also to be rather better at the whole being-believed thing.
I feel vaguely like we should prevent the exit vector being covered by the 'op', but we don't seem to have quite enough information for that. I will also admit that the only reason I want to is general anger at Pancake.
(Also, hello! Just caught up and massively enjoyed it!) edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: In fairness, Pancake is pretty anger-worthy. Welcome aboard! edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Gosh, so much going on here!!!

An impasse... hM. I still wanna help Rasputin, though! I guess I can lie to Pancake and make up something about what Rasputin is really up to- Any ideas...?

I wonder what Theo will offer Vampire for this mind control mercenary work ;)

...Oh gosh... Rogue admin to the rescue! I wonder why he only saved Alex? Well, I guess, I mean, they probably need Sonja and won't kill her- But someone will kill Alex? Hnnn.

I really love how much this page skips around, like, all of this stuff is happening at the same time and it makes for an exciting page~~ The moon blowing, finding bloodshoes dead, kidnapping... MrE... :D edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Also, gosh. I asked Xeno something in person about Unichat, I think it was why Rasputin is allied with Gaians. And he made a ~ in the air with his fingers multiple times. FRIGGIN DORK edit delete reply
Padlock: /join #vague-omnipresent-council
/users --channel=vague-omnipresent-council
/status away; mood Observing. edit delete reply
Padlock: I've kept an extensive list of all the commands used, who knows; might be useful someday. :) edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: That sounds like a useful thing to document over on the forum! edit delete reply
Padlock: Done! You can find it right here edit delete reply
Padlock: I just spent five hours reading this comic from start to finish, absolutely love it! edit delete reply
FallenLeaves: Has anyone else got an "ACCESS DENIED :: outdated authcode" message from the Gaia page? Did anyone ever figure out what the actual code was? edit delete reply
Dellis: We're still working on that one. Anyone who solves that will be rewarded by the community with a delicious chocolate cake.

The first step to solving it is getting the Outdated Code alert, which gives a clue. Other clues might be hidden in subsequent conversations about Gaia, Seabiscuit and other users have tried obtaining info from Rasputin and the other "Chess Players", with little success unfortunately.

I myself have tried various authcode variations, including supremely silly ones which I won't repeat unless under extreme duress. edit delete reply
FallenLeaves: Do we have anywhere where we can discuss it without having to worry about spoilers? edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: There's an "authcode speculation" area on the forum just for this purpose. It's fairly safe, in that you have to log in to the forum (you won't see it as a guest) and then actually access it.

In the future (when I get a proper forum set up and blah), even thread titles from that section will be obfuscated on the front page by default. edit delete reply
SansTheComic: wait. holy... this shatterpoint thing sounds like a product of time travel. it has to be true because otherwise... paradox. huh. that explains a lot, actually. so, suppose if the thing doesn't happen, something causes a paradox and the timeline collapses. that leaves just the timelines in which the event happened, making it look like the event is certain to happen. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: While I can neither confirm nor deny this theory, it'd make a great forum thread, so as to minimize the chances of it staying buried in the comments here. edit delete reply
Arbiter: Dang, did ((Delta)) delete their comment? The one with the code in it? That's disappointing. That was really interesting. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: It looks like it. Darn, I was going to have fun puzzling that one out. edit delete reply
((Delta)): /message Unum_Relicuum It would seem that you and I share ideology, but is that where our similarities end i wonder? Consider the following message an assurance that you are whom i seek: "57 6b 64 77 20 6c 76 20 71 72 77 20 67 68 64 67 20 7a 6b 6c 66 6b 20 66 64 71 20 68 77 68 75 71 64 6f 20 6f 6c 68 2c" Our potential to work together hinges greatly on your response; do not keep me waiting.

/join #esoteric-blind-order
/query --by-alias="The Inquisitor", --by-alias="The Templar"

It has been done.

/status away; mood Heeding-The-Call
edit delete reply
Arbiter: Aaaaand it just got better. I love this community. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Me too, for many reasons. Y'all're great, and watching you speculate and interact with the comic and rage at chess assholes is also great. Sorry, [censored]holes.

Frankly, I have no idea what's going to come of Delta's little comment here, and I'm too curious not to play along...~ edit delete reply
Padlock: Esoteric Blind Order is like a synonym/antonym of Vague Omnipresent Council...

Possible bizarro council? edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Don't look at me - I'm as I the dark as y'all are. edit delete reply
Padlock: Just clicked ((Delta))'s profile, don't mean to steal Seabiscuit's signature line, but;
-snerk- edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Damn I shoulda trademarked that!

I mean

edit delete reply
FallenLeaves: I've decoded it, but I'm still confused. I looked up the reference, but I don't understand the significance. Could someone explain? (I seem to be saying that a lot...) Or is it just as obscure to everyone else, in which case it's not just me being stupid, so fine. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: I don't think any of us get it
Me and Xeno tried to figure it out too D: edit delete reply
Arbiter: I have a theory as to the intended significance, but I don't want to discuss it here. It's potentially too spoilery. I'll make a new forum thread for it though. edit delete reply