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[Unichat log --]
(12:15)ThatOneVampChick: Ow, what the hell?
(12:15)__RSPTN__: What's up?
(12:16)ThatOneVampChick: I was borrowing a civilian to monitor the situation, and then I got kicked out, and now I have a headache. :(
(12:16)__RSPTN__: Aww...
(12:16)__RSPTN__: Did the civilian have really good willpower or something?
(12:16)ThatOneVampChick: No, it was something external - like I momentarily lost the Etamnanki carrier wave somehow.
(12:17)__RSPTN__: Weeeeeeeeeird.
(12:17)ThatOneVampChick: Willpower isn't enough to block me, anyway :P
(12:18)ThatOneVampChick: Whatever it was didn't feel directed. I think Gods and his time nerds would have felt it, too.
(12:19)__RSPTN__: Do you need a moment?
(12:19)ThatOneVampChick: Nah, I'll just take some asprin.
(12:20)__RSPTN__: Good, because I'm flanking you.
(12:20)ThatOneVampChick: Mother[censored]er!
[Unichat log --]
(12:13)Admiral Pancake: What the hell was that?
(??:??)pwnz2much: undirected etamnanki pulse
(12:14)Admiral Pancake: I think I gathered that much. Why would such a thing happen, though, and why did I feel it up here?
(??:??)pwnz1ng: lol
(??:??)pwnz1ng: emtanki is HILY non-loclal
(??:??)pwnz1ng: if there was sesnetives on iolanthe, theyd feel it 2
(12:16)Admiral Pancake: Right, right, I remember you explaining that before.
(??:??)pwnz2much: hang on
(??:??)pwnz2much: ...i think it was directed, actually, just not very well
(??:??)pwnz2much: there's definite semiotic content here, it's just inexpertly packaged
(??:??)pwnz2much: and sent with sufficient amplitude to make it to its intended recipient anyway
(??:??)pwnz2much: like someone trying to transmit without the right hardware...
(??:??)pwnz2much: oh
(12:23)Admiral Pancake: Report!
(12:24)Admiral Pancake: ...
(12:24)Admiral Pancake: Report?
(??:??)pwnz1ng: i think hes in etatakni
(12:26)Admiral Pancake: Do you actively go out of your way to misspell words?
(??:??)pwnz1ng: :P
(??:??)pwnz2much: found it
(??:??)pwnz2much: the origin of the pulse, i mean
(??:??)pwnz2much: it's a dropoff point i've used before, i must've given the conspirators the coordinates sometime
(12:28)Admiral Pancake: What did you find?
(??:??)pwnz2much: a message from bob
(??:??)pwnz2much: erm
(??:??)pwnz2much: bobtheconspirator
(??:??)pwnz2much: not some guy called bob
(??:??)pwnz1ng: thb ist a perty dumb name
(12:30)Admiral Pancake: What did it say?
(12:30)Admiral Pancake: Thank you, pwnz1, for that astute observation.
(??:??)pwnz2much: they've... made contact with bloodshoes
(??:??)pwnz1ng: np
(12:30)Admiral Pancake: I would assume this is not contact of a peaceful nature.
(??:??)pwnz2much: no
(??:??)pwnz2much: contact of a bullet to the kidneys nature
(12:31)Admiral Pancake: Well, that's one loose end taken care of.
(??:??)pwnz2much: and that's not all
(12:31)Admiral Pancake: And this is where my luck runs out, I assume.
(??:??)pwnz2much: kinda
(??:??)pwnz2much: he had a unichat terminal up, talking to an account called deep dark
(??:??)pwnz2much: DeepDark*
(??:??)pwnz2much: which... doesn't exist, according to bob, hence the emergency broadcast
(??:??)pwnz1ng: whynot just tyep it itno bloodshoe's computer
(??:??)pwnz2much: would you really want the authorities seeing that
(??:??)pwnz1ng: oh
(??:??)pwnz1ng: right
(12:35)Admiral Pancake: So, someone from another timeline has been contacting bloodshoes?
(??:??)pwnz2much: ...no
(??:??)pwnz2much: bob's team ran a sweep after that
(??:??)pwnz2much: the chronology is clean
(??:??)pwnz2much: but there's one last thing
(??:??)pwnz2much: the deepdark person did get confused about time
(??:??)pwnz2much: and said weeks had past, but the timestamps were from the same day...
(12:36)Admiral Pancake: What does that imply?
(??:??)pwnz2much: i have no idea, and that scares me
(??:??)pwnz2much: that scares me a lot
[Unichat log --]
/message SonjaOfTheMoon Did your scanner just go off for you, too?
System: Incoming private message from user SonjaOfTheMoon:
(12:17)SonjaOfTheMoon: Yes, but the next round is about to start, we're against some weirdos with a stupid theme name, and I am NOT losing this.
/message reply Fair enough!
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): Apologies for the page title, but I was in the mood for something stupid. No apologies for the murder, though.
Seabiscuit: Theory=Spike pulse thingy is Bloodshoes entering entamnanki?? Or something? ;^; ??
Bloodshoes... ;^;
We should merge timelines and save him ;^;

Also gosh, I REALLY love how our antics are freaking out the cast~ :3

Also -snerk- that Vampire Rasputin OTP cuteness~~
And of course
"Do you actively go out of your way to misspell words?"

Beautiful edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Haha, from our Skype call~:

"The spike was bobtheconspirator trying to send an untraceable message to Pancake." "Oh... damn Bob. Bob should die. Does Bob die?" edit delete reply
Arbiter: :( We were working so hard to save one orangish scholarly gentleman, only for the other one to get killed. You truly are a cruel mapmaker. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: "You truly are a cruel mapmaker."

He is!!!

Much sadness was had in call. He is heartless.

We gotta save MrE- For Bloodshoes! ;^; edit delete reply
SansTheComic: lol, is Rasputin smoking "Weeeeeeeeeid."?
honestly though, RIP bloodshoes... if there's any way to save MrE by messaging, though, we've got it in the bag. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Haha, Becky pointed out the same typo. It fixed (along with a couple others, because apparently I didn't proofread this page too closely :/ ). edit delete reply
Dellis: Poor Bloodshoes c.c For the past few days I've been thinking I should have warned him not to open the door... But probably it wouldn't have saved him anyway. I mean, Bob could have bashed down the door. edit delete reply
Arbiter: We didn't find out there was someone at bloodshoes' door until he was excusing himself from his conversation with DD in order to answer it. Even if you had sent a warning to him and there was something he could have done to save himself, it's highly unlikely he would have seen it, since he would have gone AFK to answer the door right after typing that message. Don't feel bad, Dellis. There was nothing we could do. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Like Arbiter says :{

The Cruel Mapmaker was dead set on murder edit delete reply
reddragonfall: I finally managed to catch up! I have to say this is one of the most interesting pictures web comic I've ever read! Thinking about it it's the only pictures web comic I've ever read but it is awesome none the less. I wish you luck as this continues Xeno, and I look forward to joining the conspiring soon. On that note... edit delete reply
reddragonfall: *picturless*, darn autocorrect... Anyhow.

/join #vague-omnipresent-council

Greetings fellow conspirators, how are you this fine (insert local time zone here)? edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: In the immortal words of Sonja, "aww, shucks". :) Welcome aboard! I'd say "feel free to get involved", but you seem to have rather beaten me to that one. edit delete reply