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Updates Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM EST
[Unichat log --]
(11:30)yellowconspirator: Sir!
(11:30)Admiral Pancake: Report!
(11:30)yellowconspirator: Round two of the tournament is complete, sir. Our targets lost their second round with no sign of chronological aberrations.
(11:31)Admiral Pancake: Interesting. Does that make them safe?
(??:??)pwnz1ng: no lol
(??:??)pwnz1ng: itjust means pwzn0 wass ok lossing around thats not accually going to elimniate him
(??:??)pwnz1ng: if eh losses a SNENCOND time then tahts somewut meaningfull
(11:31)Admiral Pancake: Snencond?
(??:??)pwnz1ng: secon*
(??:??)pwnz1ng: d
/message services coffeebot {size=12oz, flavor="fernch vanilla"}
(11:32)Admiral Pancake: I see. Conspirator?
(11:32)System: Request received (interpreting "fernch" as "French"). Delivery in five (5) minutes.
(11:32)yellowconspirator: The good news is, I've successfully arranged for us to fight them next round. Skill upload via Etamnanki seems to be holding, so endangering them seems feasible.
(11:33)Admiral Pancake: Good. If everything's in order, I would like to close this connection. I can't risk giving away my position up here, not with another shatterpoint in the offing.
(??:??)pwnz2much: you really think they both qualify?
(11:34)Admiral Pancake: Yes. And you always tell me I "lack the will to act", so I'm acting.
(11:34)System: User Admiral_Pancake has disconnected.
[Unichat log --]
(11:29)SonjaOfTheMoon: So that happened.
(11:30)EntropicPhantom: We knew exactly what they'd do and they pulled it off anyway. :/
(11:30)metampsychotic: aww, don't be so down on yourselves! getting trampled by a zombie elephant is a zillion times better than the way i died :P
(11:30)SonjaOfTheMoon: True. I dunno, I'm not so much disappointed as...
(11:30)SonjaOfTheMoon: I mean, even I can't find a way to blame myself for everything. It was close, they were a hair faster, and, erm, lag exists.
/message EntropicPhantom And seeing you be all badass and heroic and sexy helps, too.
*(11:30)SonjaOfTheMoon shrugs.*
(11:31)metampsychotic: woah! good attitude!
(11:31)metampsychotic: im proud :D
*(11:31)metampsychotic hugs sonja*
System: Incoming private message from user EntropicPhantom:
(11:31)EntropicPhantom: This just in, Sonja thinks video game women are sexy.
/message reply I think we've been over this before. <3
(11:32)SonjaOfTheMoon: Aww, shucks. Don't be, though - I've been down in the dumps of late is all.
(11:32)metampsychotic: yeah, well
(11:32)metampsychotic: i can be glad you're not, then :)
(11:33)SonjaOfTheMoon: I suppose so. :)
(11:34)EntropicPhantom: Right, everyone, there's a bit of time before our next match, so take the opportunity to get some snacks or whatever while you can.
(11:34)SonjaOfTheMoon: Not a bad idea.
System: pwnz0z has been idle for 10 minutes - setting status to AWAY.
/status Away; mood Lunch.
(11:34)System: Setting status to AWAY.
(11:34)System: Mood message set.
System: EntropicPhantom has been idle for 10 minutes - setting status to AWAY.
System: metampsychotic has been idle for 10 minutes - setting status to AWAY.
System: Incoming private message from user pwnz0rz:
(11:40)pwnz0rz: sojna
System: Incoming private message from user pwnz0rz:
(11:40)pwnz0rz: uhm
System: Incoming private message from user pwnz0rz:
(11:40)pwnz0rz: pls try not 2 mention that thing u mentioned
System: Incoming private message from user pwnz0rz:
(11:40)pwnz0rz: if taths ok
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Seabiscuit: how dare... edit delete reply
Arbiter: "i am about to follow in the footsteps of ends of time, pwn0rz and maybe pwnz1ng. wish me luck." I choose to believe that you said this because you were about to use time travel to ensure that you were the first commenter on this comic.
I'm so glad we saw the resolution of that arc. edit delete reply
Arbiter: Oh, hey Xeno, speaking of the resolution of plot arcs, do you have plans for what happens next following the interaction between Pancake and BookOfQuantumFlux on page 87, or does that depend on Flux's response? No rush or anything, but I'm really curious to read the next chapter of the Book of Quantum Flux. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: I'm afraid that's up to BoQF, though I might do something just to not leave it hanging indefinitely. I dunno, I'm starting to feel like the whole /message thing might be a failed experiment, since it kind of stopped happening. edit delete reply
DeepDark: /message Bloodshoes

Good day, professor. I must ask your forgiveness for my inexcusable silence in the weeks since our first chat, but the work for my research absorbs most of my free time, and I had to elaborate on the valuable information you gave me before asking for more.

I'm afraid what I've managed to conclude on Gaian history still isn't enough for my purposes, though your insight was certainly helpful. If it is at all possible, I'd like to have more information on Gaia, as seen by the lower strata of the organization (though if there's more that you feel you need to add on the upper echelon's views, you're quote welcome to do so).

I thank you in advance.
edit delete reply
DeepDark: /join #vague-omnipresent-council

This is, again, not a gift, nor is the help I give uninterested. My purposes require that you unlock the secret page and act based upon the knowledge within. My objectives, though, are time-sensitive, and I have other matters to attend to.

I expect from you all a concerted effort, of which I know you are capable.

Do not ask why. Some of you want to save the world. Others want to see an happy ending for the actors on stage. Others still have no reason at all.

My purposes are mine, and mine alone.

/logout edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: (FYI, I have no idea who this person is.) edit delete reply
Dellis: I admit I had thought it was you under an alias, trolling us all. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: (But they sure make things more fun~) edit delete reply
Dellis: That they do! edit delete reply
Dellis: Plus their character color is positively ominous. I associate that shade of green to horror, spy stories, and strange luminous things in closets. That shade of green on black background? It makes me think of a lone hacker typing at night on a decade old computer a message the police will find months later and that will make them discover a conspiration bigger than they ever could have dreamed of.

(Yes, my color associations are estensive and weirdly specific xD) edit delete reply
SansFinalGuardian: huh. i thought it was pretty clear who they were. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Maybe, but I don't want to make no assumptions. edit delete reply
Arbiter: Please don't think of it as a failed experiment! I thought it was a really cool mechanic! The only reason I haven't used it much is because I don't know what to say. I'm worried about screwing up the story ifI use my power for anything other than jokes.
But in light of DeepDark's comment here, I'm inclined to try to get more involved in this authcode-guessing quest mostly because DeepDark scares me and I don't want to tick them off. But what can I do? DD's already talking to bloodshoes, and on the Unum_Relicuum and Rasputin front the ball seems to mostly be in Seabiscuit's court (and I guess KittenLicks', too.) But in the interest of doing something good:
I think I might be able to save meta's dad from any danger he might be in because of the situation with the Satirical, but it involves revealing or promising to reveal a lot of important information to Theo, from GOO's deal with Rasputin to the existence of DuckBot. I seem to be being encouraged to interact with the story more, and I want to, but I also respect Xeno as a storyteller and I don't want to mess up the plot he's spent so much time working on. So I'm going to leave it up to you, Xeno. Should I /message Theo and see what happens, or should I just stay out of this one? edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: If you do anything truly storybreaking, I have contingencies in place. Don't worry about influencing the story; that's what's supposed to happen! edit delete reply
Arbiter: Okay, here goes.
/message OITHEOI If you attack the Сатирический, there's no way it goes well for you. You were right to think it was a trap. Gods doesn't want you to succeed, he just wants to play you and the other members of your little world domination society against each other. If you attack, you WILL encounter far more resistance than you were told to expect. And I wouldn't count on your shatterpoint protection, either. Did you really think the person you just ratted out to Gods would be a good choice to protect you?
/message OITHEOI There's another very good reason not to attack as well. You know your star programmer, the one who lives on the moon? If you attack that ship, you'll be hurting somebody who means a lot to one of her close friends. How eager do you think Sonja will be to help you with your little AI project once she finds out you were behind the attack? You know, the one that's supposedly for a video game? And she will find out, I guarantee it, because I'll be the one telling her.
/message OITHEOI And right now, you need that AI more than ever, because you're not the only one of your friends who's got one anymore. You've got a spy working for you, and I can tell you exactly who it is and how much they've managed to do if you do the intelligent thing and leave that ship alone.
/message OITHEOI Here's the deal I'm proposing. You agree not to attack the Сатирический and tell me absolutely everything you know about Gaia (never mind why that information is important to me, I have my reasons just as you have yours.) In return, I tell you exactly how Gods has been [censored]ing you over and who the spy is, and I DON'T tell Sonja or her friends what you were planning to do. Oh, and you get the added bonus of not making the biggest mistake of your life. How does that sound? edit delete reply

How does that sound for a "concerted effort", DD? Take THAT! xD

Arbiter, you're BADASS! (that's maybe gonna get censored but it's okay nonetheless!) edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: oh snap!!!!
I CAN'T WAIT to see how Theo reacts....~~~ edit delete reply
SansOfTheUnderground: /message GodsOfOlympus uhhh, so... about endsoftime? by now you've probably searched my chat history and found it clean, so... any information would be greatly appreciated? edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: I saw this, just not in time to get it into the next page. edit delete reply
Dellis: I'm still here in the dark. Even when you think he's disappeared, you never get rid of Dellis. (Wether that is a boon or a curse is a matter up for debate).

And, since I've got to do some catching-up:

Silent and Pancake have feelings for each other! I'M SO FLUFFLYCUDDLYHAPPY FOR THEM!!! <3 edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: It Dellis! And yup, that's a ship. A terrible, evil ship of doom and taking over the world, but a ship nonetheless. :) edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: "Even when you think he's disappeared, you never get rid of Dellis. (Wether that is a boon or a curse is a matter up for debate)."

-snerk- edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: I think Dellis is pretty swell-is. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: "swell-is"

That's great but yeah I'm gonna have to flick you for this
edit delete reply
Dellis: L o L xD edit delete reply
Dellis: And, on a random spur of comedy I just concocted, for those who always wanted to laugh at me but wanted more reasons (as if there weren't enough already), go check THE FORUM! xD edit delete reply
Astroparadox: I'm new. How are you putting colors on things. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: I'm afraid CF doesn't have a color tag, if that's what you're asking. Still, welcome aboard, yeah~? I'm curious what your thoughts are so far! edit delete reply
Astroparadox: Well, this is one of the coolest things I have ever read. I don't think nothing like this has been done before and it's like a novel edit delete reply
BookOfQuantumFlux: /message AdmiralPancake I know about your little feud with Theo, and about Rasputin, and Vampire, and the rest of your coterie. I know what you did to bloodshoes. I know what happened to him afterwards. I know how athena works, about etamnanki, about the divergent timelines. I know a lot of things. As for the means of my knowing them, that is for me, myself and I to know. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Ooooooooooooh. edit delete reply