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[Unichat log --]
(14:25)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Спасибо за ваш сервис. Я увижу, что вы вознаграждены.
(14:25)WhoRemembers: Да благословит тебя Бог.
(14:26)System: User WhoRemembers has disconnected.
/message ThatOneVampChick We can speak now.
(14:28)System: User ThatOneVampChick is joining this anonymous channel.
(14:29)ThatOneVampChick: Hey, Vlad.
(14:29)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Miss Ivanova. You said you had news?
(14:30)ThatOneVampChick: I do! I can't say for sure, but I think I've located some of your... adversaries.
(14:30)VladmirOrlovOfficial: I have many. Can you be more specific?
(14:31)ThatOneVampChick: Ah, the...
(14:31)ThatOneVampChick: I'm sorry - this is embarrassing - I can't remember the proper name for them. Social Liberation Coalition or Global Liberation Society are the two common translations. They like throwing bombs. Is that specific enough?
(14:31)VladmirOrlovOfficial: As far as enemies of the state go, the GLS are decently serious. Moving against them effectively would be a morale victory. How is it that you have learned more about them than my own agencies?
(14:31)ThatOneVampChick: No disrespect, Vlad, but your spy agencies are mired in bureaucracy and internal strife, and half want you dead. That aside, I've got resources you don't want to touch.
(14:32)VladmirOrlovOfficial: I am intrigued.
(14:33)ThatOneVampChick: Unum_Relicuum
(14:33)VladmirOrlovOfficial: You willingly consort with those?!
(14:34)ThatOneVampChick: Easy there, Vlad, your whole "we don't hate Gaians" mask is slipping.
(14:37)VladmirOrlovOfficial: I have no particular issue with the Gaian faith, but the leaders of the mainstream sects are reprehensible mass murderers.
(14:37)ThatOneVampChick: You said it yourself, Vlad. "Nothing is true, everything is permitted." Playing your enemies off against each other is a tried-and-true tactic. Once we've got the rebels out of the way, we can focus on Gaia.
(14:37)VladmirOrlovOfficial: I do not fault your decision, Miss Ivanova, but am impressed by your stomach. I must also ask how you'd speak to the man in question, since he's been banned and arrested.
(14:37)ThatOneVampChick: I suggest you look at the link more closely.
(14:38)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Intriguing.
(14:38)ThatOneVampChick: Anyway. They're massing in Crimea, near the Ukrainian boarder. With your permission, I can have a mercenary squad in the area in time to disrupt their operations.
(14:39)VladmirOrlovOfficial: I trust your judgement, Miss Ivanova, but do appreciate the forewarning. Good luck.
[Unichat log --]
(14:20)__RSPTN__: Are we doing this fight?
(14:20)ThatOneVampChick: Yup, I'm just waiting for Vlad to get back to me on something.
(14:20)__RSPTN__: Oooooooooh, do I get to know?
(14:21)ThatOneVampChick: And give my mortal enemy free intel~?
(14:21)__RSPTN__: Oh, you [censored] flirt!
(14:22)ThatOneVampChick: Haha, you were right, planning this op has done wonders for my morale. :)
(14:22)ThatOneVampChick: And, teasing aside, I'm just asking him for clearance to engage. I'm sure it won't be a problem.
(14:22)__RSPTN__: How sure?
(14:23)ThatOneVampChick: Very, if you catch my drift.
(14:24)__RSPTN__: Oooooooooooooooooooooh.
[Unichat log --]
System: Incoming private message from user DeepDark:
(15:34)DeepDark: Thanks for your prompt response, Professor. Of the two, I'd say I'm more interested in the view Gaian leadership had of Gaia itself. My research spans both history and sociology, and understanding the meaning Gaia had for the leadership might be integral in learning just how this cult came to be.
/message reply well, there are a lot of sects of gaia, which is really ironic, all things considered
/message reply they have this big "one past, one future" theology they like to harp on about. supposedly, they believe in some vague, ill-defined apocalypse in which humankind will merge into a transcendent gestalt entity
/message reply there's an often bloodly debate among their theologians whether gaia is this entity, or the apocalypse that precedes it
/message reply some sects include "criteria" for acceptance into this gestalt, whatever it's called
/message reply and this is how they justify their war crimes
/message reply incidentally, it's not unusual for the leaders to adopt names styled after this belief. "unus relicuum", grammar error aside, would mean "one future".
/message reply however...
/message reply there's a growing theory that the gaian leaders don't believe in a future at all
/message reply gaia is the universe, and it is dying
/message reply but they don't tell that to the rank and file :P
/message reply it's a fringe theory, but it does go a ways towards explaining some things. would you like to hear more, or should i stick to more mainstream understandings?
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): And we're finally resolving DeepDark's PM from forever ago. I kinda let that one slip off the radar, and - as Vampire said - "this is embarrassing" - it's especially silly because you needed that response to track down an authcode. Mea culpa. But, well, there may be another hint towards that code on this page, if you look closely~
Seabiscuit: Ivanova is such a beautiful last name~
And, gosh... Unus alt?? Maybe we could get the password there! edit delete reply
Arbiter: "Спасибо за ваш сервис. Я увижу, что вы вознаграждены." I don't know if I should feel happy for WhoRemembers, or very, very worried. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Well, do you think Orlov is a hero or a villain? That could be a good forum thread, come to think of it. edit delete reply
Arbiter: You know, you could replace Orlov's name with the name of pretty much anyone from this comic and it would work just as well. edit delete reply