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Updates Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM EST
[Unichat log --]
(14:01)EntropicKitten: Mew?
(14:01)SonjaOfTheMeow: Meow meow, purr~
*(14:01)SonjaOfTheMeow picks up EK in her mouth*
*(14:02)EntropicKitten is picked up*
(14:02)meowtampsychotic: oh meow g-d :3
(14:02)purrz0rz: supurr
*(14:02)SonjaOfTheMeow twitches her tail in a friendly sort of way*
*(14:02)meowtampsychotic pounces!!!!!!*
(14:03)System: User FelisKitty is joining #lunar-catstation.
(14:03)purrz0rz: hey alexs roommeowte
(14:03)FelisKitty: :3
(14:03)FelisKitty: Why are you all cats today?
(14:04)purrz0rz: nya idea, itjsut cat of hapurrened
(14:05)meowtampsychotic: it's caturday, duh! :3
(14:05)System: User Adogmiral Panbark is joining #lunar-catstation.
*(14:05)SonjaOfTheMeow hisses*
*(14:06)EntropicKitten also hisses*
*(14:06)meowtampsychotic hides under the sofa*
(14:06)Adogmiral Panbark: WOOF WOOF WOOF
(14:07)purrz0rz: gtfo ur not evena cat
(14:07)purrz0rz: (that dosent nyaeed to have a catpun becuz it already says cat)
(14:07)purrz0rz: (thats totally how this works... uh, meow)
(14:08)Adogmiral Panbark: WOOF
*(14:08)Adogmiral_Panbark chases purrz0rz*
(14:08)meowtampsychotic: 3:
(14:08)purrz0rz: ur doin me-ow a frighten
(14:08)purrz0rz: its not terriable mice
(14:09)SonjaOfTheMeow: (Mice?)
(14:09)purrz0rz: (itsa kind of rodent that cats lick 2 chase)
(14:09)purrz0rz: (thast not a typo fyi)
(14:09)purrz0rz: (lick as in cattongue)
*(14:09)Adogmiral_Panbark bites at purrz0rz*
*(14:09)purrz0rz jumps on a table*
*(14:09)Adogmiral_Panbark prowls around the table barking*
(14:09)Adogmiral Panbark: BARK BARK WOOF BARK
(14:09)purrz0rz: dude [censfurred] off
*(14:10)SonjaOfTheMeow pounces on Panbark*
*(14:10)Adogmiral_Panbark snaps at Sonja with fangs*
*(14:11)purrz0rz vomits everywhere*
(14:11)dukerex: not again...
*(14:11)SonjaOfTheMeow takes advantage of this distraction to bite*
*(14:12)EntropicKitten joins in the attack by... doing something cat-related*
(14:12)FelisKitty: Use your claws!
*(14:13)FelisKitty scratches Panbark*
(14:13)FelisKitty: Like that :3
*(14:13)Adogmiral_Panbark runs off howling*
*(14:14)meowtampsychotic darts out from the couch to nip him in the... tail*
(14:14)System: User Adogmiral_Panbark has left the channel.
(14:17)SonjaOfTheMeow: Meow, that's over...
(14:17)SonjaOfTheMeow: I vote we all try to fit onto the same arbitrary scrap of paper at once. Meow or nya?
(14:17)EntropicKitten: Meow!
(14:17)meowtampsychotic: meow
*(14:18)FelisKitty is too busy staring at empty space to notice*
(14:18)purrz0rz: nya
(14:18)purrz0rz: im going 2 point my butt at teh human
(14:19)SonjaOfTheMeow: Fair enough. The rest of us - to the newspaper!
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): When I said that Saturday updates might be "a little different than normal updates", I wasn't talking specifically about April fools' day, but so it goes.

In other news, our own Seabiscuit of Wastelanders Anonymous fame has created additional fanart of a shipping nature. Vampires are Gothic, after all~
Seabiscuit: -SNERK-... Omg, hahahaha. I wasn't expecting PanBARK... PERFECT. :'D :'D THE HISSING... This is so amazing. Ah god. Never delete this page or I'll flick your nose twice in a row. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Why the [censored] would I delete KITTIES? edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: idk ur evil edit delete reply
KittenLicks: You don't have to delete it for people to know it's not canon. We all know you're.. just kitten. :3 edit delete reply
KittenLicks: Oh meow word I am in love with this page. :'D Censfurred omg xDD Xeno, you are the best.

Also friendly neighpurrhood typo kitten here:
"*(14:02)EntropicPhantom is picked up*" EntropicKitten? :3

Don't you dare delete this! :3 edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Ah, fixed! Good cat-ch. edit delete reply
KittenLicks: And I just noticed the UNICAT thing. XD

Also, just realized that Sonja doesn't know what mice are because there aren't any on the moon. o: edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: She knows what mice are! She didn't get pwnz's pun is all. And yes, I had a great deal of fun with that. :) edit delete reply
Arbifur: Friendly neighpurrhood typo kitten's sidekit: at 14:05 and 14:09, SonjaOfTheMeow is erroneously refurred to as 'SonjaOfTheMoon', which is just a ridiculous usefurname, if you ask me(ow). edit delete reply
Arbifur: I am extremely amewsed by the fact that our furst official introduction to Alex's 'roommeowte' was in an Apurrl Fool's comic. edit delete reply
Xenocatographer: Keep that in mind when you next meet her and you'll be amewsed by it a second time. For reasons.

Cat reasons. edit delete reply
Nya~llis: I ca't believe there's finally a fanart of Vampire.

What Raspurrtin are you purring about? He's clearly not in the fanart. I'm sure of that. edit delete reply
Nya~llis: On a side note, who's this "Xenocartographer" guy? The author's username is "Xenyacattographer", I'm quite sure about it. Stolen account? edit delete reply
Sample_Text: y'kno like nya~ edit delete reply
endsoftime: the logo for this pagr doesn't say unicat anymore :(
a sad casualty of the renovations, I guess edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Good cat-ch! Fixed~ edit delete reply
myeewkyee: I lost it at "censfurred" :D Adorable page, anyhow! edit delete reply