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[Unichat log --]
(03:12)metampsychotic: dad?
(03:14)System: User MrE is now ACTIVE.
(03:14)MrE: Hello, Erica. You're up early.
(03:14)metampsychotic: i'm up late :( it's 3 AM in america
(03:15)MrE: So it is. Timezones have always confused me... but if they mean I can be here for you in what I can only assume is a moment of crisis, then they may be a godsend.
(03:15)metampsychotic: heh
(03:16)MrE: Too dorky?
(03:16)metampsychotic: you're my dad :P
(03:16)MrE: That's a yes, then?
*(03:16)metampsychotic rolls her eyes*
(03:16)metampsychotic: dad
(03:17)MrE: What can I do for you?
(03:17)metampsychotic: we broke up
(03:18)MrE: I'm sorry to hear that. You know I'm here to listen to anything you need to tell me.
(03:18)metampsychotic: i'm not sure what there is to say
(03:19)metampsychotic: things were so great for a while, but then he started getting controlling, and i brought it up with him and he seemed to get the point, and we made a lot of progress together, and i started to feel like maybe this was something that could actually work and maybe something good would come of it, but then he decided to throw that all away on some......... narcisticit guilt trip and i don't [censored] get it!!!
(03:19)metampsychotic: narcissistic*
(03:21)MrE: Luke broke up with you?
(03:21)metampsychotic: yes
(03:21)metampsychotic: i'm as surprised as you are
(03:22)MrE: Far more, I'm sure. What did he say?
(03:23)metampsychotic: "im not mauture enouf for a relationships"
(03:23)metampsychotic: "iwant 2 love you but im just" "not that kind of pesron" "im sorry"
(03:24)MrE: Goodness.
(03:24)metampsychotic: g-d d@mn it
(03:25)MrE: Are you sure he wasn't intoxicated?
(03:25)metampsychotic: no, he just types like that
(03:25)metampsychotic: i thought it was cute :/
(03:26)MrE: Do you have any idea what brought this on?
(03:26)metampsychotic: no
(03:27)metampsychotic: idk
(03:27)metampsychotic: maybe
(03:27)metampsychotic: two of our friends had just got together
(03:28)MrE: Sonja and EntropyPhantom?
(03:28)metampsychotic: entropic
(03:28)metampsychotic: but yet
(03:28)metampsychotic: yes*
(03:29)MrE: Do you think he was jealous of them, somehow?
(03:30)metampsychotic: YES
(03:30)metampsychotic: oh my g-d yes
(03:30)metampsychotic: they're like luke and me when we started dating
(03:30)MrE: You certainly were in a cheerful mood at the time.
(03:31)metampsychotic: yup
(03:31)metampsychotic: dad?
(03:31)MrE: Yes?
(03:32)metampsychotic: why do i always drive people away?
(03:33)MrE: I'm not sure what you mean.
(03:33)metampsychotic: max, erin, joe... hell, sally who didn't come to my 3rd grade birthday party
(03:33)metampsychotic: it keeps happening :(
(03:34)MrE: Romance is hard, Erica. I went through seven relationships before I met your mother. We even broke up once for a time.
(03:35)metampsychotic: you've mentioned
(03:35)metampsychotic: but that's you, isn't it? you're not me
(03:35)metampsychotic: and i'm sure you did some of the breaking up with
(03:35)metampsychotic: i'm always the one it happens to
(03:37)MrE: I'm afraid I don't have much advise for you. That's just the human condition. Even with all our technology, all our science and social progression, we're still slaves to the same ancient neuroscience. Cold comfort, I know...
(03:38)metampsychotic: or social regression, as the case may be
(03:38)metampsychotic: orlov D:
(03:38)metampsychotic: but
(03:39)metampsychotic: i actually wanted to ask something a little more specific
(03:39)MrE: I'm all ears.
(03:40)metampsychotic: i don't want to mess up my other friendships
(03:40)metampsychotic: with EP and sonja
(03:40)metampsychotic: who are also luke's friends
(03:41)MrE: It's always difficult when two out of a larger group have a falling-out. I suggest you keep your distance when you're both online together, and trust that he will respect you the same way, and take things as they come. You'll find things calm down faster than you'd think.
(03:42)metampsychotic: yeah
(03:42)metampsychotic: that's about what i thought, but it's always good to hear it from an outside source :)
(03:43)MrE: Any time. Is there anything else I can help you with?
(03:44)metampsychotic: this is dumb, but we have a video game tournament coming up. i don't want to disappoint the others by dropping out... sonja especially, she's so into it and its really cool to see
(03;44)metampsychotic: so blah
(03:45)MrE: I think you should be concerned more with what you want to do for yourself.
(03:45)metampsychotic: what i want to do is be the kind of person mom would be proud of
(03:45)MrE: You already are.
(03:46)MrE: We may never agree on matters of faith, Erica. But if there is a heaven, your mother smiles at you from there. She loved you from the moment she saw you, and she would love who you have become all the more.
(03:47)metampsychotic: if i'm such a good and loveworthy person, why do i keep scaring people off like this?!
(03:47)metampsychotic: sorry
(03:47)metampsychotic: that was stupid
(03:48)MrE: No, it's not. It's normal to feel lost at a time like this.
(03:49)MrE: And, frankly, you're extraordinarily patient with people. You'll look past personal flaws that would send lesser souls running for the hills. That hardly reflects badly on you!
(03:50)metampsychotic: heh
(03:50)metampsychotic: i sure do know how to pick 'em, don't i?
(03:50)MrE: That's the spirit!
(03:51)metampsychotic: thanks
(03:51)metampsychotic: do you think the chess club is going to try to use this?
(03:51)MrE: They wouldn't dare. Your old man might not be terribly active on the world domination front these days, but I can still throw down with the rest of them if it comes to it.
(03:51)MrE: Now you should get some sleep, my dear!
(03:51)metampsychotic: heh, yeah
(03:52)metampsychotic: gosh, this was 45 minutes...
(03:52)metampsychotic: thanks, dad
(03:53)MrE: Of course. Now sleep! You've got classes tomorrow!
(03:54)metampsychotic: i knoooowwwwwwwwwww D:
(03:54)metampsychotic: good night!
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