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[Unichat log --]
(12:34)System: User metampsychotic is joining #moon-butt.
(12:34)metampsychotic: omg guys
(12:34)metampsychotic: guuuuuuuuuuuuuys
(12:34)metampsychotic: did you hear the news? russia just [censored]ed itself
(12:35)pwnz0rz: sup
(12:35)metampsychotic: oh my g-ddddddddddd
(12:36)EntropicPhantom: Hey, what's up? They can't possibly have elected Petrova... right?
(12:36)metampsychotic: omg no
(12:36)metampsychotic: orlov
(12:36)metampsychotic: not so bad but stilllllllllll
(12:37)pwnz0rz: balls
(12:37)metampsychotic: yeah
(12:37)EntropicPhantom: Well, the Air Force has been drilling bomb interception for months, I think we'll be alright.
(12:37)metampsychotic: yeah
(12:37)metampsychotic: its still scary! the guy's such a war hawk
(12:38)pwnz0rz: fraknly
(12:38)pwnz0rz: after fidnding out taht my roommates a gaian leader i dont exactly trus t teh governmint 2 do secruity much
(12:38)pwnz0rz: (@ep)
(12:38)pwnz0rz: [censored]
(12:38)pwnz0rz: teh papiratsee wont leave me alone asit is, ugh
(12:38)pwnz0rz: ican arleady imaigne it lol
(12:38)pwnz0rz: "hey mr pwnz0rz, wut do u thnink about russia"
(12:38)pwnz0rz: and thn im like
(12:38)pwnz0rz: "idk maybe ask someoen that knows things about russia"
(12:38)pwnz0rz: liek did teh thout that just being near a [censored]hole for a while dosnt qualfiliy me too speculaet on intronationol politics??????????
(12:39)pwnz0rz: ok teh quotatoin marks kinda got forgotted there but w/e
(12:40)pwnz0rz: but yah did that thought evver cross these paprpiazzis minds lol
(12:40)pwnz0rz: also yah
(12:40)pwnz0rz: nuclear helfier is bad 2
(12:42)EntropicPhantom: Orlov, though? Can't people see how bad an idea he is?
(12:42)System: User SonjaOfTheMoon is joining #moon-butt.
(12:42)SonjaOfTheMoon: Hey guys, I have News.
*(12:44)SonjaOfTheMoon scrolls up and facepalms.*
(12:44)SonjaOfTheMoon: Seriously?
(12:45)metampsychotic: yup
(12:46)SonjaOfTheMoon: Well, Russia hasn't had any sort of democracy for half a century, not even puppet elections. I'm not surprised the electorate would be so easily gamed.
(12:46)SonjaOfTheMoon: It's a scary thought nonetheless.
(12:47)EntropicPhantom: Yeah... Well, hey, what's your news?
(12:47)SonjaOfTheMoon: ...it's not really important any more.
(12:48)metampsychotic: omg no! don't let some foreign jerk getting elected get you down, sonja!
(12:49)metampsychotic: good news is good news, even if it's silly :)
(12:50)EntropicPhantom: ^
(12:50)SonjaOfTheMoon: Alright. Well.
(12:50)SonjaOfTheMoon: Something one of my coworkers said got me passed a technical hiccup in my Hades' Realm macros. Are you guys free for a test game later?
(13:50)SonjaOfTheMoon: past*
(12:51)pwnz0rz: sex oclock est?
(12:51)metampsychotic: lol, typo
(12:51)pwnz0rz: toltally
(12:52)EntropicPhantom: Works for me!
(12:52)SonjaOfTheMoon: Thanks.
(12:53)SonjaOfTheMoon: But...
(12:54)SonjaOfTheMoon: Ugh, I can't be happy about this. First that classified thing on the moon that I really want to tell you guys about, now this...
(12:55)SonjaOfTheMoon: If a war breaks out and anything happens to any of you guys, I don't know what I'll do.
(12:55)SonjaOfTheMoon: You're my only friends. You're closer to me than family, in every sense except geographical.
(12:56)SonjaOfTheMoon: I'm afraid.
(12:57)EntropicPhantom: Orlov isn't going to attack us. He said that a lot on the campagin trail, but he's too smart to risk a shooting war. Besides, pwnz and meta are in a rural area directy behind a highly secure airspace, and I'm north enough to be almost in Canada. Neither of those are places he'd care about hitting.
(12:58)SonjaOfTheMoon: That's true.
(12:59)pwnz0rz: ur bosses enmey cotnacted me earl ier 2day
(12:59)SonjaOfTheMoon: [censored]. Really? Why?
(13:00)pwnz0rz: idk dumb bulls hit
(13:00)pwnz0rz: yessss my tpyo dogded teh flilter :D
(13:01)SonjaOfTheMoon: Did he ask about me?
(13:01)pwnz0rz: nah but he was stutpid and anooying
(13:01)pwnz0rz: he was all like "ur freninds in dagner go betray her boss pls" and im liek "nah"
(13:02)SonjaOfTheMoon: You did it again!
(13:02)pwnz0rz: did wut
(13:02)EntropicPhantom: Changed chat colors without actually quoting someone.
(13:02)pwnz0rz: o
(13:02)pwnz0rz: mabye i am lol
(13:03)pwnz0rz: maybee teh head of a itnernatoilnal philathropec frim typez like me, didnt u evar thnink of that
(13:03)pwnz0rz: anyway i troleld him until he got hissy and leaved
(13:04)SonjaOfTheMoon: Erm, right. Thanks for the heads-up. Because I really needed yet more stupid [censored] in my life right now...
(13:04)SonjaOfTheMoon: I suppose I should let my team know, and get back to work while I'm at it. I'm only here for lunch break.
(13:05)EntropicPhantom: s/lunch/coffee/ ?
(13:05)SonjaOfTheMoon: Pffft! No, I'm actually eating a sandwich.
(13:05)EntropicPhantom: Woah!
(13:06)pwnz0rz: a snadwitch maed out of coffeebeans, grind up w/ hot watter and sevred ina cup?
(13:07)SonjaOfTheMoon: Corned beef, actually. Okay, fine, I chortled. Congratulations.
(13:08)pwnz0rz: i win
(13:08)pwnz0rz: yay
(13:09)SonjaOfTheMoon: If I ever see you in person, remind me to slap you. Anywy, I'm going now.
(13:09)SonjaOfTheMoon: Hey, look, take care of yourselves, alright?
(13:10)metampsychotic: will do!
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): Worldbuilding! Okay, more like world thermonuclear destruction, but you know what I mean.
Also, I was informed that the fanart link yesterday wasn't working, but now it is.
Seabiscuit: Guess they're dealing with their own Trump over in Russia? Hehe. Omg, the red text with all the typos...
Ah, that sandwich description. Figures she's eating the one thing you consume besides coffee or tomato soup... ;)
(Pwnz excitement over bypassing the filter is so great, hahahaha. Like, so cute and excited, and so natural at the same time) edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Haha, the character predates the real-life politician, but I'm sure not gonna pass up the excuse for some social commentary. edit delete reply
Text: Is pwnz0r drugged or drunk or something? His typo rate and style is getting way past levels one would expect to be reasonable for a human being. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Hehe, I noticed that. I'd link to the TvTropes page on flanderization, but I don't think you'd ever forgive me for linking TvTropes again. edit delete reply
Catalystyc: Tis been a while. I noted that Sonja is making combat macros for the same game that she is helping to build AI's for (supposedly). I wonder if they will intersect in any way. Also, GOO being part of the Chess Club (My proposition for the group of players in this massive game with high stakes and obscure goals.) was a surprise. You can always depend on Russia to make things interesting. The only thing that I would like to know, really, is when we get to see a real AI say "Hello World"... unless it already has... edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Ah hey, it's cat guy! Hehe, "chess club" - I might just borrow that :) edit delete reply
Arbiter: Don't mind me, I'm just bored and trying to definitively find out if the colour-assigning program reuses text colours. edit delete reply
Arbiter: Nope, not quite the same! I feel very fulfilled knowing this. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Well, it can, but the odds are low. A color code is an unsigned three-byte number and there are 16777216 of those, so the odds of two users hashing to the same color are 1 in 16777216. There's some additional code to "reroll" any color that's too dark, which makes it somewhat more likely, but I haven't crunched the numbers on that one. edit delete reply
Laon: Based on how much the characters seem like my whiny friends, and how much "worse" Petrova would've been, I might be the type to vote for Petrova, or Orlov if Petrova didn't have a real shot in the election.
Of course, this is assuming the people in Russia had any actual choice in the election haha. edit delete reply
Laon: Course, it'd be easy to sway my opinion with a source more credible than say, some High School/College aged kids in a chat room edit delete reply