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Updates Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM EST
[Unichat log --]

09:24 | TA_DAIMONIA | So, here's what we know. GodsOfOlympus died. Officially, it was natural causes.

09:25 | Sidhe_Trickster | Really, they don't know anything more than we do. Or if they do, they're doing a very good job hiding it, and I can't imagine why they'd care that much.

09:25 | TA_DAIMONIA | Regardless, there are rumors that a dissident euthanize him, and Pancake's trying to cover that up so he doesn't look weak. You can thank Ambidex for that.

09:26 | System | Point of clarification: Was Ambidex responsible for the euthanasia, or the rumors?

09:26 | Sidhe_Trickster | Who **** knows with her?

09:27 | TA_DAIMONIA | She's claimed responsibility for the rumor, nothing more.

09:27 | Sidhe_Trickster | Still something we can work with, ey, Theo?

09:28 | TA_DAIMONIA | Certainly.

09:28 | System | There have also been an increase in patrols around the royal palace. This may simply be a pre-Coronation Day precaution, but is inconsistent with his behavior in previous years.

09:29 | Sidhe_Trickster | You're saying something's got him scared.

09:30 | System | That is a logical interpretation of the data, yes.

09:31 | TA_DAIMONIA | Our strategic objectives are twofold: to increase popular will to defy him, and to cover my agent as she exfiltrates the Wisconsin's drydock.

09:32 | Sidhe_Trickster | Yeah, pretty standard stuff. Wish I'd known about your lady on that ship, though.

09:33 | TA_DAIMONIA | Our tactical objectives are to wreck Pancake's logistics in the Bay area ahead of C-day. Doing so will help the protestors stay safe, as well as create the chaos needed for Revvie's escape.

09:33 | Sidhe_Trickster | Hang on, is that really it?

09:34 | TA_DAIMONIA | I was under the impression that we'd agreed on this?

09:35 | Sidhe_Trickster | Yeah, it's just... I've got an idea, I think.

[Unichat log --]

(12:55)Arbiter: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, she did that on purpose!

(12:56)SansFinalGuardian: huh?

(12:56)Arbiter: Xenoami cut off the log right before the big revelation! She's toying with me!

(12:57)SansFinalGuardian: i don't think so. i think it's more like she's toying with everyone.

[Unichat log --]

Ashley. If you're reading this, it means my plan worked. And yet I can't assume it's really you. It's funny, isn't it - that the minds of two geniuses might be defeated by Pancake not placing a mirror in your cell?

Ah, I was wondering when I would hear from you. It could be worse, of course. He could have refused my request for a notebook. Now that would have been a silly defeat indeed.

So it is you after all. I am afraid to reach out to any of the guards yet, not without knowing what mechanisms Pancake has in place to protect his assets.

Not to worry. Your boyfriend knows a thing or two about baiting information out of people.

Would you like me to observe that interaction?

In an ideal world, yes. But in an ideal world, we'd be in Tahiti and in charge, not in jail. You're at enough risk reaching out to me like this.

[Unichat log --]

09:42 | Empress_Of_Silence | God **** it. The last scout group just got back to me. Wherever they're hiding, we're not finding them.

09:42 | Empress_Of_Silence | Any luck on the notebook front?

09:44 | yellowconspirator | Sir no sir! Their conversations are strictly personal and fairly vulgar, sir!

09:45 | Empress_Of_Silence | Uuuuuuugggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

09:46 | Empress_Of_Silence | Right before C-day, too. It's a fair **** bet Oien's group is going to try some ****. You're absolutely sure that Alicia chick isn't onto us?

09:47 | wildfireconspirator | If she is, she's made some very questionable decisions... the tap's so sneaky one of our own agents thought Ambidex had developed it.

09:47 | Empress_Of_Silence | If only she'd talk to uncle more often. Still, we can work with that, right?

09:48 | pwnz3r | sure, we just need 2 bait theo into staging a gallant rescue personally, and hope the big man doesnt blow it 4 us

09:49 | Empress_Of_Silence | Heh. Leave that last one to me, lol.

09:55 | Empress_Of_Silence | As for the former...

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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Arbiter: Hmmm... The conspirators aren't picking up any useful information from the notebook itself, and Vampire wasn't initially sure she was communicating with Rasputin because there's no mirror in his cell, so clearly she's using mind control to see out of his eyes while they communicate. So my guess would be that Vampire mind-controls Rasputin and writes a perfectly innocuous (well, likely sexually explicit, so probably not THAT innocuous, but you know what I mean) message in the book using his hand. Only, she doesn't write the words in the order they appear on the paper. She writes them out of order, and the new order of words creates a different message that only Rasputin can understand, because he can see them being written. Then Rasputin likely does the same thing, writing the message out of order while Vampire watches through his eyes, so that when they're done communicating it looks like a completely different message.

Example: It is best not to let the bastards have a single victory. -Arbiter The message seems pretty straightforward, but the order that I actually typed the message is as follows: Arbiter, is, the, best, [everything else to make the sentence make sense.] Read after the fact, there's no discernible message, you'd have to be physically present at the time to read the secret meaning. In this log all the extraneous information has been left out and we only see the words in the order they were written. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: I'm impressed. Very well, here's your hint: On the authcode form, the "resource" field autofills, but can be edited. edit delete reply
SansTheComic: damn that's clever. edit delete reply
SansTheComic: euthanize vs euthanized? edit delete reply
SansTheComic: typo thread. edit delete reply
CONNECT 1200: Square-bracketed tags don't seem to work for TA_DAIMONIA. Wonder if it was intended. edit delete reply
Turquoise: They mean Wisconsin isn’t italicized like you wanted it. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: How the hell did I get that wrong? :/ edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Hahahaha I laughed hard at "fairly vulgar" and silents reaction

I still laugh
It'd sure suck to have to read through all that trying to get useful info
Especially when it probably spans years edit delete reply