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[Unichat log --]

(10:57)EntropicPhantom: Right, objectives. Let's review.

(10:57)EntropicPhantom: 1) Stop Pancake from killing Australia. (Shatterpoints, airplanes?)

(10:57)EntropicPhantom: 2) Keep Pancake pinned down somehow. Can't have him rebuilding his forces. (Felicity and Sonja's idea, space magic?)

(10:58)EntropicPhantom: 3) Get in touch with future Luke. (Need present Luke's input)

(10:58)EntropicPhantom: 4) If our mystical friends are real, figure out what they want. Same goes for Xeno. (Modify Cthulhu scanner?)

(10:59)EntropicPhantom: 5) Stop Gaia from doing whatever it's doing. (How???)

(11:01)SonjaOfTheMoon: Looks good to me.

(11:02)FelisKitty: This is a pretty tall order, I hope you realize that.

(11:02)SonjaOfTheMoon: Yuuuuuuuuuuuuup.

(11:02)EntropicPhantom: It's alright, Sonja will just be sexy at it and everything will work itself out.

(11:03)SonjaOfTheMoon: Can I punch him?

(11:03)SecundaSonja: Sure.

(11:04)SonjaOfTheMoon: I've punched him.

(11:04)SecundaSonja: Not too hard, I hope?

(11:04)CGoddess: We're off topic

(11:04)EntropicPhantom: Yes, and also I'd rather not get hit again :)

(11:05)EntropicPhantom: I know we agreed to wait for meta, but I'm getting a little anxious about MrE. We're going to need funding.

(11:06)SonjaOfTheMoon: Let's give her ten minutes.

(11:06)CGoddess: Sure

(11:06)FelisKitty: So...

(11:06)FelisKitty: How the [censored] are we going to do this?

(11:07)EntropicPhantom: Good question D:

(11:07)EntropicPhantom: There just aren't that many of us...

(11:08)SonjaOfTheMoon: Protecting Australia probably just requires someone - a confirmed shatterpoint - going there. Though to be safe, maybe we should send multiple people so we can cover the main population centers.

(11:08)SonjaOfTheMoon: Regardless, those people can do research at the same time, so they're not really expended.

(11:08)System: User metampsychotic is joining #moon-butt.

(11:08)CGoddess: I think you're misunderstanding Australia's population density

(11:08)SonjaOfTheMoon: Taking down Pancake needs heavy artillery. I know we wanted to send me to Australia, but I should probably lead that particular charge.

(11:08)SonjaOfTheMoon: The more social of us should deal with the social aspects. That means Alex, Felicity, and - hey, meta.

(11:09)metampsychotic: hey

(11:09)metampsychotic: can i invite anarchon to this channel?

(11:09)System: User pwnz0rz is now ACTIVE.

(11:09)pwnz0rz: ishoul dprobalby try 2 talk 2 mysef even if i hat ethe idae of dealing with sum1 as annoyning asme

(11:09)pwnz0rz: aslo metas been keep me potsed abt the ana thing and ye shes usflul

(11:09)SonjaOfTheMoon: Go ahead.

(11:09)FelisKitty: Should Luke go to Australia, then? Maybe with Meta?

(11:09)System: User metampsychotic invited active user Anarchon to join #moon-butt.

(11:10)SonjaOfTheMoon: Possibly, but I might want him with me. Pancake has his own time travelers, right?

(11:10)System: User metampsychotic invited active user Bulwark to join #moon-butt.

(11:11)pwnz0rz: ye

(11:11)System: User Anarchon is joining #moon-butt.

(11:11)pwnz0rz: i kan doo the talky thing durring our down time

(11:11)pwnz0rz: like ist not go ing 2 be 24 seven combat action

(11:12)System: User Bulwark is joining #moon-butt.

(11:12)Bulwark: Well... Here we are.

(11:12)metampsychotic: :)

(11:13)SonjaOfTheMoon: Good morning, you two. Ana, meta's already filled us in on your testimony.

(11:14)CGoddess: Question

(11:14)CGoddess: Why don't we send Ana to Australia? He's already survived one ultra lethal experience

(11:15)Bulwark: Okay wait hold up, what?

(11:15)SonjaOfTheMoon: It's an idea. Athena, think on that one.

(11:15)SecundaSonja: On it.

(11:16)metampsychotic: uh pancake wants to nuke australia and we want him not to

(11:16)metampsychotic: the best idea we've had is to exploit someone's shatterpoint status by sending them down there

(11:16)metampsychotic: or several someones? my dad's like, rich

(11:16)Bulwark: If anyone's sending Ana anywhere, I'm going with him.

(11:16)metampsychotic: of course!!

(11:17)SonjaOfTheMoon: Ana, what do you think?

(11:17)Anarchon: Uhm.

(11:18)Anarchon: Well.

(11:19)Anarchon: It beats sitting at home playing with venem and m1ndh1ve and my [censored] all day.

(11:19)Anarchon: Hannah?

(11:20)Bulwark: ...we'll need a cover story, and plane tickets.

(11:21)SonjaOfTheMoon: So it's settled then. Luke and I will fly out Nevada-ward and eliminate Pancake as a strategic threat. Ana and Hannah fly to Australia and not die. Alex, you're confirmed shatterpoint as well; you can come with either of us. Felicity, meta, and CGoddess will handle mission control and PR.

(11:22)EntropicPhantom: I don't think I should make this decision. Obviously I'm going to want to go with Sonja because we're dating, so I'm biased.

(11:23)CGoddess: We're putting objective 5 on hold?

(11:24)SonjaOfTheMoon: Seems like it. We don't really have much information to work with, but objectives 3 and 4 should help with that.

(11:25)Bulwark: I'm going to need some time to think about this.

(11:25)SecundaSonja: We all will. Perhaps we should break here, and reconvene in two hours?

(11:25)SonjaOfTheMoon: Makes sense to me.

(11:25)CGoddess: Sure

(11:25)EntropicPhantom: Yeah, this is a lot to take in for me, let alone the newcomers to our little conspiracy.

(11:26)FelisKitty: Is it really a conspiracy if we're the good guys?

(11:26)SonjaOfTheMoon: Ever watched Babylon 5? I think we're the Conspiracy of Light.

(11:26)EntropicPhantom: Sounds dangerous. I like it.

(11:26)Bulwark: Hmm... It's not quite as catchy as "Axis of the Elite", but it'll do. :)

(11:26)Anarchon: If I say no, you'll probably name it the moon butt conspiracy, and not sitting on my butt is the whole reason I'm here.

(11:27)metampsychotic: cool! cg, you and i need to come up with a logo

(11:27)metampsychotic: :)

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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): The page title is a reference to The Humming by Enya. Also, the font size issue that's been reported on mobile should be cleared up now. Let me know if you still see it anywhere.
Seabiscuit: Eeee!! The kids are all together now!!

Pancake, you fucked up bud edit delete reply
Arbiter: /message EntropicPhantom Presumably you were referring to us when you mentioned your "mystical friends"? The ones who seem to just appear and disappear at random, know things they shouldn't, and make a lot of dated 2010s pop-culture references?
/message EntropicPhantom Some of your friends have met me, but I don't think we've been personally introduced. I'm Arbiter. The sweary purple one, if that rings any bells.
/message EntropicPhantom I can't speak for everyone, since Xeno's a mysterious asshole, Delta's an inscrutable weirdo, and there's a bunch of us who may or may not even still be active, but a good portion of us are on your side.
/message EntropicPhantom Personally, I'm on the side of non-evil-take-over-the-world types. Which, seemingly by process of elimination, means you. Congratulations on being a decent fucking human being! :)
/message EntropicPhantom Secrecy is for edgy tryhards. There's a lot that me and my friends don't know about what's going on, but feel free to ask me anything and I'll tell you everything I know. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Hee, I love seeing more communication with the kids :D edit delete reply
Arbiter: I'm sorry to tell you this Xeno but the Spaceyverse usernames still look really small for me on mobile. (I'm on an iPhone, if that helps.) edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: First you fuck with my plans, now your phone fucks with my CSS... not really earning that "best fan" label, Arby. (Everything in this comment is completely in jest, for the record, aside from this parenthetical.) edit delete reply
Arbiter: Hey, don't blame me. Take it up with Steve Jobs' ghost. :P edit delete reply
CONNECT 1200: Um. Erm. Austria? edit delete reply
Xylas_Incarnum: .... What's Austria/Germany's little neighbor got to do with anything happening right now? gotta focus on Australia/Alcatraz, the country. (I mean, mainly where it's flora and fauna are concerned.) edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. edit delete reply
Pixelknight: /message EntropicPhantom
Mystical friends? Kinda makes us sound like a bunch of pixies. Then again, pixies DO vary in the fact that some are good and some are bad... So i guess it's accurate enough. Though, some of us may still take offense to that.

Also, What Cthulhu scanner? Did you guys try to wake up some sort of ancient void-borne creature some time ago BEFORE all this? edit delete reply
SansTheComic: i have a theory of what's going on and what everything is and it's brilliant and i'm not going to share it because it would give the game away if it's true edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: You want to shoot me a PM about it? edit delete reply
Xylas_Incarnum: /login TheDerangedOne
/join #moon-butt
You know... I still don't understand how you have web browsers, but no videogames. I've seen you guys link memes before. Dos games can be made to run on anything that can load up img.ur or any other photos sharing site.... Hell anything that can display colored text can display DOOM(1993) and Doom 2(1994)'s sprites, not to mention people have gotten them running on practically everything with a circuit board. http://itrunsdoom.tumblr.com/tagged/it+runs+doom/

..... if that link doesn't go through I think the real reason videogames aren't much of a thing anymore in here is due to them somehow being part of the whole Gaia problem.

....Sorta like how once humanity advances to a certain level of tech 99% of the Akashic Records becomes porn due to the exponential nature of rule 34 of the internet being applied to it. that probably doesn't help anything either.

.... though now that I'm looking at the list of things I linked a bit closer there's another rule of the internet... actually scratch that, there's a rule of gamer/bored programmers: If it has a screen and was made after the 1995 it can be made to run Doom and Doom 2. edit delete reply
CONNECT 1200: Also, the original Doom code (although not graphics or level designs) has been made free. google://freedoom for details.

And yes, whatever the reason for the complete absence of true video games could be, it just cannot be a technical problem (or there would be no Unichat either.) Even being tired of violence after the Gaian war can't account for it, things like Transport Tycoon or SimCity would still be around. edit delete reply
FallenLeaves: OK, I know I came up with the whole move-shatterpoints-to-Australia plan, but given Xeno's comments of a while ago, does anyone else have a slowly-growing feeling that it's a terrible idea?
Either that or it'll just fail normally.
I still want to try to get people out of Australia as much as we can for now, but have no idea how to go about it. Any thoughts? edit delete reply
CONNECT 1200: Well... we don't know the state of the future passenger fleet. Seems to be almost gone right now (2018, offscreen timeline.) Planes and ferries can only take this many folks on board, and we're talking 25┬▒future_changes million antipodes here.

And to be on the safe side completely, we should probably move New Zealand, New Guinea, and Southern Indonesia people out of harm's way, too. Nobody knows where the fallout will settle. Can't be done right now, most likely even harder to do in the post-war future.

Wonder if simply killing PC is a solution. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: I'm guessing no matter what happens it'll be just as comic!Xeno planned edit delete reply
SansTheComic: just as planned (warning: powerful chronoclepta (timestealer (i just made that word up (i like making words up (and i like putting tons of brackets inside each other))))) edit delete reply
CONNECT 1200: Used to use FORTRAN? :) edit delete reply