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[Unichat log --]

(12:59)System: User metampsychotic is now ACTIVE.

(12:59)metampsychotic: oh gosh

(12:59)metampsychotic: i don't think i planned this far ahead

(13:00)Bulwark: Do I know you?

(13:01)metampsychotic: oh! kind of

(13:01)metampsychotic: we played against each other

(13:01)metampsychotic: i think it was during asphodel?

(13:02)Bulwark: Oh, that's right, pwnz mentioned you.

(13:02)metampsychotic: oh?

(13:03)Bulwark: Erm. I think so. That's your boyfriend, right?

(13:03)metampsychotic: right :)

(13:04)Bulwark: Alright, my first assumption was spammer. :/

(13:04)metampsychotic: omg

(13:04)Bulwark: What's up?

(13:04)metampsychotic: i would never! D:

(13:04)metampsychotic: oh, erm

(13:05)Bulwark: Has Ana been getting into trouble?

(13:05)metampsychotic: ...maybe

(13:05)metampsychotic: i'm sorry this is stupid

(13:06)Bulwark: ?

(13:07)metampsychotic: im sorry

(13:07)metampsychotic: anxiety

(13:07)Bulwark: It's alright. Take your time.

(13:07)metampsychotic: thanks

(13:09)metampsychotic: have you been following the news?

(13:09)Bulwark: Not closely?

(13:10)metampsychotic: i'm sorry, this is also stupid

(13:10)metampsychotic: of course you heard about the space station that crashed

(13:12)Bulwark: Yeah, the Gridde. It's funny, I have a cousin who's an aerospace engineer. They filed a bunch of safety objections to its design way back when... tbh, they've been a little insufferable since it went down. :P

(13:13)metampsychotic: oh, woah

(13:13)metampsychotic: did they say anything about what sunk it?

(13:14)Bulwark: Not enough survived re-entry to do much analysis. I just hope the crew's okay.

(13:14)metampsychotic: yeah

/message pwnz0rz hey i'm going to ask bul if anyone picked up on the weird trajectory

(13:14)metampsychotic: gosh it could have been so much worse

(13:15)metampsychotic: if it had come anywhere else... D:

System: Incoming private message from user pwnz0rz:

(13:15)pwnz0rz: eiy

System: Incoming private message from user pwnz0rz:

(13:15)pwnz0rz: wut*

/message reply the griddle!!

(13:16)Bulwark: There wouldn't have been time to evacuate.

System: Incoming private message from user pwnz0rz:

(13:16)pwnz0rz: oh, go 4 ti

(13:17)metampsychotic: i've heard... it's probably just a conspiracy theory, but that it mathematically couldn't have hit nevada without some really improbable maneuvers

(13:17)Bulwark: No, that's correct, and I'm not totally convinced the people calling it a "conspiracy theory" aren't trying to cover something up, or so says Sam.

(13:17)metampsychotic: your cousin?

(13:17)Bulwark: Yes

(13:17)metampsychotic: heh

(13:18)Bulwark: The station would have needed to spin along an axis it doesn't even have maneuvering thrusters for to land where it did.

(13:18)Bulwark: Again, going off what they said.

(13:18)Bulwark: But what does any of this have to do with Ana?

(13:20)metampsychotic: uhm

(13:21)Bulwark: You're not a spook, are you?

(13:21)metampsychotic: no! D:

(13:22)metampsychotic: not that i'd tell you if i were

(13:22)metampsychotic: but i'm not

(13:22)metampsychotic: ask luke something obscure, like a hades realm detail, that a spook would have a hard time finding in his logs

(13:22)metampsychotic: also ask him if i'm near him (i am)

(13:23)metampsychotic: then tell him to tell me to say something

(13:27)metampsychotic: aardvarks are road waffles

(13:27)metampsychotic: also you have a morbid sense of humor

(13:28)Bulwark: Heh.

(13:28)Bulwark: You uh, came up with that verification plan pretty quickly.

(13:28)metampsychotic: i play mafia!!

(13:29)Bulwark: Okay, okay, I can't even come up with a realistic reason a spook would be interested in me or Ana.

(13:30)Bulwark: Sorry for the paranoia.

(13:31)metampsychotic: no it's okay!

(13:31)metampsychotic: my whole life's turned into paranoia bs :/

(13:32)metampsychotic: like

(13:32)metampsychotic: (and this is where ana comes into the picture)

(13:33)metampsychotic: before the space station crashed, pancake contacted luke

(13:33)Bulwark: Pancake = Panak?

(13:34)metampsychotic: about time travel of all things

(13:34)metampsychotic: yes

(13:34)Bulwark: Okay.

(13:35)metampsychotic: it was weird

(13:35)metampsychotic: and... ana came up

(13:35)metampsychotic: a moment from his childhood...

(13:36)Bulwark: Oh no.

(13:36)metampsychotic: ?

(13:36)Bulwark: I see where this is going, and I don't like it.

(13:37)metampsychotic: uhm

(13:37)metampsychotic: i think that answers my question but i'll ask anyway

(13:37)metampsychotic: fifteen years ago

(13:37)metampsychotic: was ana kidnapped by gaians?

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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Arbiter: Oh shit, I didn’t realize Ana’s precognition had such a dark backstory. That poor guy. How old would he have been at this point? Only a kid, surely. Wow, fuck Gaians.
And what’s Pancake’s connection to this? Why does he know about what happened to Ana? Has he decided to try to out-horrible himself and graduate from kidnapping college students to kidnapping children? Or is he the good guy in this scenario? He’s never seemed very eager to ally with the Gaians before.
PS Do meta and pwnz not know Sonja was the one who crashed the Griddle? I thought she shared that information with them. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: They know. meta's trying to figure out what Bulwark's cousin's figured out/trying to hint that there might be more to the story. edit delete reply
Arbiter: I see. Why does meta want Bul to know there’s more to the story? A show of good faith to hopefully get her on their side? edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Right now, it's more curiosity - meta tends to act on instinct and sort it out later, and her instincts tell her it might be a conversation worth having. edit delete reply
Arbiter: Oh, okay. That would certainly be in character for her. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: "Has he decided to try to out-horrible himself and graduate from kidnapping college students to kidnapping children?"


Gosh I figured Ana must've had some awful shit in his background, but this... D: edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: So 15 years ago:

-Ana was kidnapped

-Pancake hired Captain Koreaboo to kill MrE for Xeno and then stopped him

my brain itches what else went down edit delete reply