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Updates Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM EST
[Unichat log --]

2:12 PM | System | Your friend Reverse_The_Streams has connected.

2:13 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | Right, that's the last of us.

2:13 PM | Reverse_The_Streams | I hope I didn't keep you all waiting too long! You know how it is with government work.

2:14 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | Of course. After everything you've done for us, I'm not going to bemoan a few minutes.

2:14 PM | System | I've taken the liberty of verifying your connection. It looks nice and untraceable.

2:14 PM | Reverse_The_Streams | Thanks. I'm hiding in a bathroom stall, so can we make this quick? Periods only work as an excuse so many times. :/

2:15 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | Pancake blew up part of the moon and Gods is dead. I can only assume these events are somehow related to Panak's "special asset".

2:15 PM | DrHorrible | ...

2:15 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | Is there something you'd like to say?

2:16 PM | BULWARK | His dreams have gotten worse.

2:17 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | The timing is all very suspicious. We need some information on the ground. Revvie?

2:17 PM | Reverse_The_Streams | What am I looking for?

2:18 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | Any mention of Panak's mysterious wunderweapon. I don't know, dammit! What the HELL is he playing at?

2:18 PM | System | If I may?

2:18 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | Go ahead.

2:18 PM | System | Revvie's position within Panak's organization gives her a unique vantage point. We've seen plenty of anomalies in shipping manifests courtesy of her. Surely, some of those must relate to his activities, whatever they may be, on the moon?

2:19 PM | Reverse_The_Streams | Good thinking!

2:19 PM | System | I live to serve. :)

2:20 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | I agree. Keep an ear open. This may be a chance to learn about this "Etamnanki" business, so take whatever risks you think are appropriate.

2:19 PM | Reverse_The_Streams | I'll do what I can, but I'm on shaky enough ground slowing R&D on that new battleship. Is this worth being a hero over?

2:20 PM | BULWARK | Hold up. The good doctor and I should take a look first.

2:20 PM | DrHorrible | Lol.

2:20 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | Yes, play it safe until they can report back... unless you hear something first.

2:20 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | The last I heard, Panak's got a big revolt coming on Coronation Day. Hopefully, that should draw some attention off you.

2:20 PM | Reverse_The_Streams | There's always a C-Day revolt and nothing ever comes of it. I mean, I'll take all the help I can get, but I still feel over-extended.

2:21 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | Perhaps we can reach out to one of the other cells and arrange a way out for you.

2:21 PM | Reverse_The_Streams | Now there's an idea!

2:21 PM | System | Devious... to say nothing of the collateral damage potential.

2:22 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | I'll talk to Trickster and Ambidex. Play it cool in the mean time.

2:23 PM | Reverse_The_Streams | Rodger.

2:23 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | Bulwark, see if you and your brother can make anything of recent events. Do a dream analysis if you think it will help.

2:24 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | Computer, run the numbers on different C-Day scenarios. There's got to be something we can use there.

2:24 PM | System | You got it.

2:25 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | Belay that. Let me talk to my contacts first. See if you can find any patterns in Revvie's logistics intel now that we know it involves a spacecraft.

2:25 PM | System | Okay, that sounds right up my alley.

2:25 PM | Reverse_The_Streams | Bul?

/beep --at_user=BULWARK

/beep --at_user=DrHorrible

2:26 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | Neither of them are responding.

2:26 PM | Reverse_The_Streams | ****. And I'm really pushing it waiting here so long.

2:26 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | Go. You have your orders.

2:26 PM | System | User Reverse_The_Streams has left the channel.

2:28 PM | BULWARK | Sorry... He had a fit.

2:28 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | I'm sorry to hear that. Was it productive?

2:29 PM | BULWARK | Hard to say. He wants to tell you something, but whatever he saw has him spooked.

2:30 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | Your brother's visions have been invaluable in our past few battles. Tell him not to push it.

2:30 PM | System | User DrHorrible has been idle for 10 minutes - setting status to AWAY.

2:31 PM | BULWARK | Okay.

2:32 PM | BULWARK | He's been told. I've got him laying on the sofa.

2:33 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | In the mean time. Bulwark, we've got a proposal to use the turbulence around Coronation Day to strike Revvie's lab. What do you think?

2:33 PM | BULWARK | Well, I'm not the precog, but...

2:33 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | Come, now, you have a brilliant strategic mind of your own. Don't be modest.

2:34 PM | BULWARK | Frankly, she's more useful to us as a spy. I don't even like having her sabotage ****. We'd know a lot more if she had a squeaky-clean record record.

2:35 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | Yes. Bringing her home, where she can communicate freely, is probably the most useful way to use her right now.

2:35 PM | TA_DAIMONIA | Trickster's been foaming at the mouth to kill that lab, and it's becoming harder and harder for me to justify leaving it to them. Revvie's in a tricky position and I'm wasting political capital supporting her operation.

2:37 PM | Incoming PM from BULWARK | So turn her loose. Tell her to leak details about Pancake's prototypes so Trickster can destroy them, then send her after this Etamnanki project. Let her deal with the fallout.

2:38 PM | Incoming PM from BULWARK | I feel like a terrible person for saying this, but a compromised spy isn't useful for much else.

/message reply You're asking me to let another friend die.

2:40 PM | Incoming PM from BULWARK | Oh, for ****'s sake, Daim. We got into this mess to kill a tyrant, not run a social club. YES, I'm asking you to let her die... or be arrested and brutally tortured for information, whichever comes first, and I'd HOPE you'd do the same to me if it came to it.

/message reply I know. That doesn't mean I have to like it.

2:40 PM | Incoming PM from BULWARK | That's fair. Just... stay objective. Revvie's lost people too, you know. I think there's a part of her that wants this.

/message reply How's your brother doing?

2:41 PM | Incoming PM from BULWARK | Better, I guess. I don't think I should mention this yet. He likes Rev.

2:42 PM | Incoming PM from BULWARK | Gods, how did someone like her get dragged into this?

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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): Woops, a little bit of a technical issue getting this one up (by which I mean I uploaded the wrong page, and only noticed after I'd already left for a party). Sorry 'bout that.
GeneralButtercrust: Now that's interesting... edit delete reply
Arbiter: TIL Greek has, like, a shitload of definite articles. Being a native English speaker makes it really hard for me to realize there can be multiple different translations of “the”. Apparently in Greek articles can be singular or plural, have three genders, and three different declensions (as far as I can tell Modern Greek has four declensions but the vocative doesn’t use articles). I remember having a hard enough time trying to remember how to use le, la, and les when I learned French; this is some next-level shit right here.
Anyway, clearly Daim is Theo, he’s just going by “the demons” in this timeline instead of “the gods.” And Dr Horrible is Anarchon. Could the AI on Theo’s computer be an alternate version of DuckBot? Is Trickster Rasputin? Who would Ambidex be? This timeline is a theorist’s best friend.
I will also say that it’s pretty disturbing to see that Bulwark is apparently more willing to sacrifice Revvie’s life than Theo is. Maybe the guy isn’t as bad as I thought has some kind of ulterior motive for wanting her to stay alive. edit delete reply
SansTheComic: i notice these names aren't links. intentional? :o edit delete reply
Pyre Light: A security measure to protect their identity from whoever monitors chat for subversive behavior? Perhaps implemented by System? edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Technical hiccup on my end. edit delete reply
Pyre Light: You should have gone with "I totally meant to do that" edit delete reply
Ravenzeroak: as this is alternative timeline, why is timestamps showing? edit delete reply
Pyre Light: Because nobody in this chat is either crosstime or crossuniverse. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Got it in one. edit delete reply
Little Guy: My face right now after reading this: -_-

All abourd the S.S. Weird Time Shenanigans! edit delete reply
((Delta)): /message Arbiter Saving the world is kind of your thing, I just happen to have overlapping goals.
(OOC: Delta is using their "unique method" for interaction on the following messages, hopefully rendering them unseen by Xeno [strike]... hopefully...[/strike])
/message Admiral Pancake What ever do you mean? I'm telling you to step up your god-[censored] game. The Russians have no reason to get involved, and their timing is far too perfect to be coincidental. This is a security failure, and I do not accept failure. Who did you tell your plan to? You are losing my confidence, and as an external entity that you only just met: that should tell you just how [censored] you are.
/message Admiral Pancake It's too late to block the aircraft: my connections tell me that there has already been a contact to BBC_Official. You want Australia gone? How about they fight back a little. You do know how to get a few Australian aircraft to intercept right? Why waste the resources when you can get them to do the bomb-dropping for you.
/message __RSPTN__ Panak has been tipped off somehow on my request. We need to expedite those aircraft, and increase their firepower. If I'm to believe the news: I assume you can get your hands on explosives... I need the biggest you've got. Too late to turn back now, why not go in full force...
/message VladmirOrlovOfficial Sorry, wrong number.
/message Padlock If things go as I plan, I am going to owe you such an apology.
/mood *Bows with a flourish*
/message ThatOneVampChick Greetings from the edges of existence! I do sincerely hope that my reputation precedes me from my communications with Rasputin: I am [Θβ₣υ$ςατε₫] - The Man that Time Erased (pretty catchy, eh?). How may I be at your service?
/message ThatOneVampChick That is to say, my willing service, of course. I did come with precautions against your commands. Bit of a benefit from my ~unique~ living circumstances.
(OOC: Aaaaaand back to regular "Xeno visible" access, responding to the "or does it not work that way for you..." message)
/message Xenocartographer For me: nothing works the way it does for others.
/message Xenocartographer Such a shame too... and I almost thought you were a threat...
/message Xenocartographer It would appear that "there be dragons" here, Mapmaker...
/message Xenocartographer Too bad you're not the only one with an external connection point. edit delete reply