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Updates Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM EST
[Unichat log --]

/join --new-channel #vague-omnipresent-jury

/COUNCIL_EXCEPT_BAD_GUYS=$(find /dev/unichat/channel/vague-omnipresent-council -not -name "Xenocartographer" -not -name "Seabiscuit")


(08:46)Arbiter: Some of you probably hate me right now, and I understand that. I kind of hate me too, to be honest.

(08:46)Arbiter: But, well, if you haven’t seen this already, you really, really need to.

(08:46)Arbiter: http://unichat-comic.com/comics/148/

(08:47)Arbiter: I’m a [censored], and a traitor, and a terrible friend, but I’m not a goddamn genocidal maniac and you’re all currently working for someone who verifiably is.

(08:47)Arbiter: We need to do something about this. Obviously we need to warn people, but I don’t know who even has the power to do anything about it or whether they’d even believe it, so I think there needs to be something else as well.

(08:47)Arbiter: Can we exploit a shatterpoint to stop it? Ensure that Australia’s destruction would mean the premature death of someone integral to Gaia’s machinations?

(08:47)Arbiter: Gambling with someone’s life is hard to stomach, but if we do nothing it will result in the deaths of countless more.

(08:49)Arbiter: I know it’s only a matter of time before Xeno sees this, invited or no, and in fact I know she must have known we were going to react like this or she wouldn’t have let us see the log at all. So maybe we’re doing exactly what she wants, I don’t [censored]ing know, but I still think we need to at least try to act.

(08:49)Arbiter: I don’t know, guys, this is your call. You were always much better at the whole heroism thing than I am anyway.

(08:49)Arbiter: Decide what you think is best, and I’ll do whatever you want. Even if you want me to go to Australia and get blown the [censored] up.

(08:49)Arbiter: Invite Seabiscuit to the discussion too, if you think that’s best. Does she deserve to know that her girlfriend is a literal supervillain, or is it better that she doesn’t find out? Or has she already seen this page anyway, making it a moot point? I don’t know, and I guess I didn’t think that was a judgement call I was qualified to make. I always was a terrible judge.

(08:49)Arbiter: And besides, the world’s got enough judges, enough powerful people trying to call all the shots by themselves. Hell of a lot of good that did us. No one person deserves to have that much power.

(08:50)Arbiter: If we really want justice, we need a jury.

(08:52)System: User Ravencorp is joining #conspiracy-of-light.

(08:54)System: User FallenLeaves is joining #conspiracy-of-light.

(08:56)Ravencorp: I've alerted Moon Girl and company as to the Australia plot (you may already have seen that conversation, I'm not sure), hopefully they can function as our boots on the ground.

(08:56)Ravencorp: One concern: our sole source of information has been revealed as quite likely a baddie, and as such is quite able to stop sending or modify the logs we see. How can we continue to function effectively with a compromised source?

[Unichat log --]

/message Admiral Pancake Glad to hear you are considering my proposal... never was a great fan of Australia, I doubt it will be missed all that much...

/message Xenocartographer Hope you don't mind if I try my hand at shaking things up a little... you can't have all the fun! That is, assuming I don't get existentially erased before my plans take effect, but I doubt there will be many people missing me if I did.

/message Xenocartographer By the way, I've been messaging you a lot, but we never officially met: I am Delta/Cassandra^-1/Padlock/Juss Wondrin'/Counselor/Good Samaritan/Inquisitor/Templar/Executor/Silent Do-Good. And I have come to Wreck. [censored]. Up.

/message Xenocartographer Regardless of your intentions, I am appreciative of your - albeit, likely unintentional - aid. Should you ever need anything from me: all you have to do is call.

System: Incoming private message from user Xenocartographer:

(??:??)Xenocartographer: Not unintentional. Check the page title when you wake up.

/message reply Check... What?

System: Incoming private message from user Xenocartographer:

(??:??)Xenocartographer: Or does it not work that way for you...

[Unichat log --]

(08:59)Arbiter: I wouldn't worry about that too much. I think I might have been overestimating how much control Xeno has over the contents of the logs, and who can and can't see them. If she can modify the logs, why wouldn't she try to make herself look better in this one? My only guesses are that she either doesn't have that ability, or she's basically decided that she doesn't need us as her allies anymore, so she no longer cares about alienating us.

(08:59)Arbiter: If it's the first case then you're pretty much fine. The second case is more worrying, but even if she can mess with the logs, I doubt that she can actually lock you out entirely.

(08:59)Arbiter: Otherwise, how am I even seeing this? I can think of no good reason why Xeno would allow an openly antagonistic party like myself to continue to view the logs, so the only explanations for why I'm not blind right now are either that Xeno can't actually block me, or that she tried to, but I managed to find some sort of loophole somehow.

(08:59)Arbiter: I don't really understand how it works myself, but I'm trying to find out, and once I do I'll let you guys know as well.

(09:00)Arbiter: In the meantime, maybe try to keep in contact with some helpful people on that side of the "Fourth Wall", like Sonja, meta, and maybe Rasputin as a last resort, who we can use to fact-check the veracity of the information we see in the logs. The people who aren't involved in those conversations won't see them until the log goes out, but if you're involved in the conversation personally you'll see the information in real time, leaving Xeno no time to [censored] with it. Then if she modifies anything in the next log, you'll know.

(09:01)Ravencorp: I talked to Sonja about that. If there's anyone else, we can trust apart from that group, I don't know.

[Unichat log --]

(08:40)SonjaOfTheMoon: So Luke's off striking a Faust-themed breakfast deal. What can we do in the mean time?

(08:40)SecundaSonja: Wouldn't it be a breakfast-themed Faustian deal?

(08:41)SonjaOfTheMoon: Yes.

(08:41)FelisKitty: Okay, why are there two of you?

(08:41)SecundaSonja: I'm the AI currently residing in Sonja's phone.

(08:42)FelisKitty: Right. I thought your username would be Athena.

(08:42)EntropicPhantom: I must say, you're taking this awfully well.

(08:43)FelisKitty: Professor Blackwood got murdered and the killers came for me. I don't have time to be afraid.

(08:44)SonjaOfTheMoon: Good attitude.

(08:45)SonjaOfTheMoon: Alex gave Felicity an encouraging sort of smile.

(08:45)SecundaSonja: Noted, but you don't need to narrate everything at quite such a level of detail.

(08:45)SonjaOfTheMoon: Noted.

(08:45)metampsychotic: guys, we're getting off topic!!!

(08:46)EntropicPhantom: You know things are strange when meta's the voice of reason.

(08:46)metampsychotic: omg

(08:46)SonjaOfTheMoon: I just smacked Alex.

(08:46)metampsychotic: omg no D:

(08:46)metampsychotic: he's right :P

(08:47)FelisKitty: You're the kid of the non-evil world domination person, right?

(08:47)metampsychotic: yup!

(08:47)metampsychotic: and friends with benefits... or something with our time travel nerd

(08:47)FelisKitty: The one who's currently working with one of the actually evil world domination types for... I'm confused.

(08:48)EntropicPhantom: Because Pancake has the ability to see other timelines, which we think involves using alternate versions of Luke...?

(08:48)EntropicPhantom: He's otherwise pretty harmless right now, since Sonja trashed the Griddle with @hena. Luke's looking for some answers while he's down.

(08:48)System: User Ravencorp is initiating a private chat.


/message --multicast --channel=conspiracy-of-light I'm getting a query from one of our ~mysterious benefactors~.

(08:49)System: The log for this anonymous channel is being encrypted with Ravencorp's public key.

(08:49)Ravencorp: Pancake was just informed by Xenocartographer that blowing up a large part of Australia would be beneficial to him (Pancake). This may be a deliberate ruse by Xeno to stymie Pancake, but until proven otherwise, assume the two are in cahoots.

(08:49)Ravencorp: I hope you can find a way to use this information to stop said blowing up of a continent, that would be a very bad thing, both for the people living in Australia and basically everyone, since it will merge our timeline with one in which Pancake is in control. Gaians may be involved in the execution phase of their plan, perhaps that could interest the authorities into helping out.

(08:49)SonjaOfTheMoon: Isn't Xeno the one that sends you all the chat logs?

(08:50)Ravencorp: Yes.

(08:50)SonjaOfTheMoon: Dang.

(08:50)Ravencorp: Arbiter's working on a countermeasure. In the mean time, anything you people can do to keep us posted would be great.

(08:50)SonjaOfTheMoon: Will do.

(08:51)Ravencorp: Final thing, may I recommend holding any important conversations with your friends outside of Unichat? No communications here are truely secure it would seem, even encrypted conversations are visible with the right connections.

(08:51)SonjaOfTheMoon: Case in point, Xeno.

(08:51)Ravencorp: Exactly.

(08:52)SonjaOfTheMoon: I'll keep it in mind, but our party is scattered around the US... hopefully further, if our plan goes according to plan. If Xeno can hack Unichat, it's a fair bet she can tap phone lines.

(08:52)Ravencorp: The plan being...

(08:53)SonjaOfTheMoon: Building a [censored] army. You didn't catch that part, I take it?

(08:53)Ravencorp: No. Does that mean Xeno didn't, or didn't forward it...

(The former.)

(08:53)Ravencorp: Either way... I can't say I fully understand the situation on the ground (so to speak), but what I do know is that blowing up continents is bad. Good luck, hopefully you can prevent what we cannot.

(08:53)SonjaOfTheMoon: Wilco.

(08:53)System: Further messages in this channel are no longer being encrypted.

[Unichat log --]

(09:02)FallenLeaves: I have an idea about our Australia situation.

(09:02)Arbiter: Go on.

(09:03)Ravencorp: I'm listening.

(09:05)FallenLeaves: Well, the simplest way to invoke shatterpoint protection would possibly be to station pwnz, meta, Sonja and EP in different parts of Australia, but I think the main thing is that we actually need to coordinate what we're doing, rather than the usual pulling in different directions. Though come to think of it, meta's shatterpoint status appears to be complicated.

(09:05)Ravencorp: Complicated how?

(09:05)Arbiter: That... is a really good idea. The question is, will they go along with it?

(09:05)Arbiter: And how do we get them there?

(09:06)Ravencorp: It solves our immediate problem, but what are we going to do about literally everything else? Orlov, Rasputin... I don't even know who to root for there. What about Xeno? Gaia?

(09:06)System: User ((Delta)) is joining #vague-omnipresent-jury.

(09:06)((Delta)): I'll see what I can do...

(09:06)System: User ((Delta)) has left the channel.

(09:07)Arbiter: ...

(09:07)Arbiter: I didn’t invite him.

[Unichat log --]

/message Admiral Pancake Glad to hear you are considering my proposal... never was a great fan of Australia, I doubt it will be missed all that much...

/message __RSPTN__ You seem like the kinda maniac that can get things...

/message __RSPTN__ I need a fleet of Russian aircraft in the air over Australia. Stat.

System: Incoming private message from user __RSPTN__:

(09:09)__RSPTN__: Do I get to know why?

/message reply Not if you want this universe to live...

System: Incoming private message from user __RSPTN__:

(09:11)__RSPTN__: Oh, you know how I feel about vague answers! :) But that's already not going to happen. Care to try again?

/message reply ...

/message reply Not if you want this universe's death to mean anything...

System: Incoming private message from user __RSPTN__:

(09:13)__RSPTN__: I'll see what I can do.

/message reply I don't know how, but Panak is planning to blow-up Australia, and set you up for it. Better get on that before you... you know... die.

/message VladmirOrlovOfficial If things go as I plan, I am going to owe you such an apology.

/alias --alias="Silent Do-Good"

(09:13)System: Alias set. Note that users of moderator rank or above may bypass your alias.

/message BBC_Official I want to whistle-blow on a Russian act of war against Australia.

/alias --clear

(09:14)System: Alias cleared.

/message Admiral Pancake Your Australia plans are about to get more... -Russian-

System: Incoming private message from user Admiral Pancake:

(09:15)Admiral Pancake: WHAT DO YOU [censored]ing WANT FROM ME?!

[Unichat log --]

(09:09)System: User Xenocartographer is joining #vague-omnipresent-jury.

(09:09)Xenocartographer: I know you're all having a great deal of fun stabbing me in the back, but something really important's about to go down, so anything you could do towards keeping it quiet wouldn't go amiss.

(09:10)Arbiter: I guess that answers the question of whether she can see us.

(09:10)Xenocartographer: You know, I've been thinking about sharks. Do you know who else betrays people who are only trying to help them?

(09:10)Xenocartographer: Did you guess sharks? Because that would be wrong.

(09:11)Arbiter: ...

(09:11)Xenocartographer: The correct answer is nobody. Nobody but you is that pointlessly cruel.

(09:12)Ravencorp: Yes, Xeno, we've all played Portal. Good job.

(09:12)Arbiter: I don't know if comparing yourself to GLaDOS is the greatest idea.

(09:12)Xenocartographer: But seriously, here's a hint. Y'all's conversations generate Etamnanki noise, and the next hour or so isn't a great time for that. I'm probably worrying too much, but still.

(09:12)Xenocartographer: Totally not [censored]ing with you right now. Now that you've left my pocket noosphere, you show up like a giant neon sign... and Etamnanki's got more than it's fair share of predators.

(09:13)Xenocartographer: I think you've seen what I mean once already.

(09:13)System: User Xenocartographer has left the channel.

(09:14)Arbiter: ...

(09:14)FallenLeaves: I wonder what this important thing is.

[Unichat log --]
[Unichat log --]

(??:??)pwnz0rz: lockated shouty anarchy dude's dream stat

(??:??)pwnz0rz: inititing connection

[Unichat log --]

(08:50)EntropicPhantom: Felicity got up to refill her coffee.

(08:50)SecundaSonja: Ask her if she wouldn't mind getting some for Sonja while she's at up.

(08:50)EntropicPhantom: Already did.

(08:51)FelisKitty: So what do we do now?

(08:52)EntropicPhantom: Sonja has some thoughts on that. Our consensus so far is that we should have a pretty easy time getting together enough evidence to get, y'know, the FBI and stuff involved.

(08:52)FelisKitty: You mean we're not going to handle this all ourselves, like every piece of young adult fiction ever?

(08:53)SecundaSonja: I like to think we're a little more genre-savvy than that.

(08:53)metampsychotic: omg

(08:53)metampsychotic: i mean, we've got space magic AND time travel

(08:53)metampsychotic: we totally could :P

(08:53)System: User SonjaOfTheMoon is joining #conspiracy-of-light.

(08:54)SonjaOfTheMoon: Our friends' source is hostile and Pancake wants to kill Australia for some reason.

(08:54)SonjaOfTheMoon: Also, I'm a little bit with meta on this one. I mean, no, we can't handle everything, but...

(08:54)SonjaOfTheMoon: I think we owe it to our future allies to learn as much as possible before putting them at risk.

(08:55)SecundaSonja: That's reasonable.

(08:55)metampsychotic: yeah

(08:56)EntropicPhantom: Uhm, Felicity, we sort of suspect that something... even bigger might be at work. Sonja and I have both detected weird probability wobbles that... we don't know what to make of, but they seem to be aimed at us.

(08:56)SonjaOfTheMoon: Oh, gods. We ended up shutting down the scanners because they were going off so much.

(08:56)metampsychotic: and apparently there are people that magically have access to chat logs that they're not supposed to!!!

(08:56)metampsychotic: no one knows who they are, or where they live, or how they do what they do

(08:57)FelisKitty: ...right.

(08:57)FelisKitty: If it weren't for Sonja suspending Alex in midair, I'd be writing this all off as bad sci-fi.

System: Incoming private message from user FelisKitty:

(08:58)FelisKitty: By the way, is it just me, or did you get kinda into that?

/message reply No comment!

(08:58)metampsychotic: and apparently there leader, xeno, is a bad guy now

(08:58)metampsychotic: so idk

[Unichat log --]

/message GodsOfOlympus If you happen to have a way out of this determinative set that isn't scattered across the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, now would be a great time to know.

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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): In other news, Arbiter has released character music for meta and MrE! Even if he is a filthy traitor, you should go check it out.
Xenocartographer (Official Note): So, this was supposed to be a funky interactive thing as Luke larns 2 pwnz tiem. Unfortunately, I ran into a technical difficulty, which definitely isn't a euphemism for procrastination, so... I decided to resolve some PMs instead.
Seabiscuit: Amazing music as always!!!;~;

Googling "determinative set" leads to an SCP-
I know Xeno reads da SCPs...

Lmao, I really adore the idea of felicity, EP and Sonja all in the same room- I really snerked at floating Alex, double Sonja, and poor ragey Pancake~

Okay woah tho why are the conspirators after Ana now too D:
And ahhhh Nauticus hint! Uh, kinda. Reference to it anyway.

I feel like Xeno isn't evil (in comic anyway; the real one most certainly is), that'd be too simple or something
But gosh:

(??:??)Xenocartographer: Not unintentional. Check the page title when you wake up.
/message reply Check... What?
System: Incoming private message from user Xenocartographer:
(??:??)Xenocartographer: Or does it not work that way for you...

And that title indeed

i love how Rasputin always seems to be up for a little chaos edit delete reply
Ravencorp: Ahh, good old SCP Foundation, you've led to many a sleepless night in the past. From the looks of that SCP, we had better hope their determinative sets aren't the same as these ones. edit delete reply
Arbiter: That line... “check the page title when you wake up”. What does that mean? Wake up from a dream? Wake up tomorrow morning, when the next page is up? Wake up from unenlightenment and transcend reality? Wake up sheeple, Canada is a hoax and Hot Fuzz was propaganda created by the Bigfoot-controlled government to melt your brains with sheer awesomeness?
Why am I not surprised that Xeno reads SCP Foundation? She has good taste in web-based collaborative writing projects... and you have good taste in music. Glad you liked it! edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: That line... “check the page title when you wake up”. What does that mean?

edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Haha imagine we're all here in a dream state like Ana sometimes is
(Gosh I remember seaing him on the user list that time.... Spook) edit delete reply


Anyways, on to more important things

/message Xenocartographer

I don't know how things work where you live, but where I come from, seemingly scheming to blow up a continent then dropping vague hints and advice just doesn't fly. If you want us to trust you, or go along with you willingly, you need to give us a bit more than the breadcrumbs you have given thus far. Along with justifying why you're trying to blow up Australia, if such a thing can ever be justified. edit delete reply
gjbivin: Drop bears. Drop bears justify blowing up Australia. edit delete reply
Arbiter: Wow, you’re the second reader of this comic to advocate for koala extinction. What are those eucalyptus-munching bastards up to? edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: "And when you look up... They drop on you." edit delete reply
Arbiter: Shoutout to Leaves for somehow resisting the urge to fuck with the plot for this long, and thus not already having a colour assignment in the source code. You have far more restraint than I do, my friend, but if you were trying to stay out of the insanity that is the Unichat canon it looks like it didn’t work. :P
Speaking of restraint, I guess for me the question now is whether Arbiter’s going to display any and follow Xeno’s order to keep quiet, or be his usual obstinate self and ignore her completely. I genuinely don’t know what to do here. I don’t want to be the reason scary bad shit happens, but it wouldn’t be very in-character for Arby to trust Xeno and potentially let a continent blow up...
Then again, Rasputin’s “already not going to happen anyway” comment suggests we’re all fucked no matter what we do. (I thought Delta’s little pause and subsequent second try at a threatening message was absolutely hilarious, by the way. Second-funniest thing on this page, after the epic Pancake outburst.)
PS Get Money and a Conscience to 1000 plays on SoundCloud and Arbiter won’t screw us all over by disregarding Xeno’s advice. edit delete reply
Ravencorp: Hey, if we make bad s**t happen, we can always blame Xeno for it, what with not fully informing us of the consequences and being all vague and villain-ey edit delete reply
Arbiter: I like the way you think. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Woops! Haha, I have a separate, secret page I use to preview pages before posting them - looks like I set the color there but forgot to do it here. And thanks! I honestly love writing Pancake/Delta interactions almost as much as Pancake/Luke interactions. :D edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Oh oh, you know Arbiter, I bet your good buddy Theo would love to help take Pancake down edit delete reply
Arbiter: Sigh. Yeah, you’re probably right. But Steve’s right, we need to work as a team if we’re going to accomplish anything.
/join #vague-omnipresent-jury
Alright, just on the off chance that Xeno isn’t completely full of shit, I’ll keep this brief. As much as I hate to suggest it, it occurs to me that it might be a good idea to bring the Blue Blowhard in on this. He won’t want Pancake to succeed, and he might actually have the resources to stop him. And besides, Deltass has already got Rasputin involved. Should I send him the log I sent you?
...That’s about as brief as my ranty ass gets. At the very least, it’s all one self-contained post, which means one blip on Etamnankthulhu’s radar instead of several. If there are no protests, I’ll send Theo the log of page 148 tomorrow. edit delete reply
judge-of-character: and if making noise puts us in danger, it might be a good idea to use alts
/message ((Delta)) so youre starting wars now
/message ((Delta)) id ask you if youve lost your goddamn mind, but the answer to that is pretty bloody obvious
/message ((Delta)) so instead ill just ask what the hell youre trying to achieve
/message ((Delta)) is this an attempt to save the world while causing as much collateral damage as possible, or simply an attempt to doom it further? edit delete reply
Arbiter: Alright then, here goes.
/message OITHEOI http://unichat-comic.com/comics/148/
/message OITHEOI Yes, this is real. edit delete reply
Pyre Light: I am still too overwhelmed and confused to contribute ideas on how to prevent time travelers from blowing up alternate universe Australia ... But if the jury needs me for anything, ask! edit delete reply
CONNECT 1200: Once again, how does Xeno steal encrypted conversation logs?

Granted, there are ways and tricks, but I think the set of 3 files Mr. Cake sent to Luke gives us a hint. There are two points at which the data just has to be unencrypted. The end user systems. Once you break into them and gain sufficient access privileges, you can get whatever information stored, displayed, or typed without users knowing it. Plain text, clean and simple.

But then again, how does a single person gain access to so many user boxes? Including the private machine of the Unichat overlord Gods who's surely qualified enough to keep his byte munchers well protected from intruders?

I have a theory but it's too horrible to contemplate. Your thoughts? edit delete reply
Pyre Light: Etamnaki, which connects us all no matter what universe we are in. Probably we are from a timeline even farther diverged than Panichat, but we still have some access... edit delete reply
Arbiter: Until recently, the Panichat timeline was so far diverged from the Alpha timeline that the effect of Etamnanki was negligible, but clearly it must have noticeable effects on us or Xeno’s chatlog wizardry (which seems to be Etamnanki-based) wouldn’t work. So if we are in an alternate timeline, it must be closer to the Alpha timeline than the Panichat timeline was at the start of the story. Which makes me wonder: if that’s the case, what does our world look like? Surely we must have our own versions of most of the characters, since if they were all gone I imagine our timeline would be so divergent from the Alpha that we’d be well outside Etamnanki’s effect radius. Unless of course the timelines started out really far apart, but have grown closer in preparation for a merge... edit delete reply
Pyre Light: Just because Panichat is "farther" away in some dimension that results in reduced Etamnaki access, does not mean that Etamnaki access is solely related to the amount of divergence from Alpha. I doubt a phenomenon this complex can be graphed as simple one-dimensional scalar... edit delete reply
CONNECT 1200: "We"? All "we"'ve got are the snippets Xeno chooses to publish for "us" (everybody out there, actually) to read. Try sending a message to these folks up the timeline, and it sometimes gets through... if and when it entertains Her Majesty. And even then, it's often a mix of different "yourselves" with slightly but noticeably different pasts speaking.

"We" are but a bunch of lab mice here, I'm telling you. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: So, uhm, I'd kind of like to address this, because it's important. When messages hit is a decision of Xeno the author, who doesn't exist in-universe. The most that Xeno the character could do to disrupt communication is shut everything down, which she isn't going to do. Likewise, Xeno the character doesn't decide what logs get shown. It's more complicated than that. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: (Xeno the author is also juggling a lot of plotlines, trying to keep the drama up, etc., etc... and also fairly disorganized, so try not to read too much into the timing of any particular message.) edit delete reply
CONNECT 1200: /message SonjaOfTheMoon The Magical Mystery Chips may have much more undocumented features than you know. Take care. Trust no one. edit delete reply
CONNECT 1200: /message SonjaOfTheMoon Not even me. I have no control over which "me" is going to talk to you next, and I have no way to know what the other "me"s are up to. edit delete reply
CONNECT 1200: /message SonjaOfTheMoon You might want to think in the Least Known Language when it matters, too. Not sure it would help, though. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: "Becky, what the fuck is my comic?"

image edit delete reply
Steve the Mew hunter: Y'all are crazy, but it's nice to see you monkeys realizing you need some freaking organization. While watching each of you faff about trying to figure out the right thing to do on your own, and just informing the rest of the lot of the results, I don't expect that method to work for much longer.

Also... DANCE MONKEYS DANCE!!!! This all amuses me, but I'd like to see what the end of Australia would do. edit delete reply
GeneralButtercrust: Oh my god, I caught up! edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Woah, hey, new person!! Welcome aboard, and nice username! edit delete reply
GeneralButtercrust: Why thank you! I can assure it has nothing to do with a part of an evil breakfast, and let me say this comic has been a very entertaining part of my day for the past week. edit delete reply
Little Guy: Good one with the “check the page title” thing. edit delete reply