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Updates Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM EST
[Unichat log --]
/unblock Wildcat
/message Wildcat So, uhm.
/message Wildcat It seems I may have misjudged you.
/message Wildcat I'm sorry.
System: Incoming private message from user Wildcat:
(22:38)Wildcat: SONJA!
/message Wildcat Last time I checked. Do you mind if I query you? There are some things I need to ask you about.
System: Incoming private message from user Wildcat:
(22:39)Wildcat: Go ahead!
/query Wildcat

(22:39)System: Initiating private chat with active user Wildcat.
(22:39)Wildcat: :D
(22:39)SonjaOfTheMoon: So, you tried to warn me about silent. How did you know?
(22:41)Wildcat: Good question. I sometimes get sent chat logs...
(22:41)SonjaOfTheMoon: Sent by whom?
(22:41)Wildcat: It's complicated. Honestly, I thought it was some sort of alternate reality game at first.
(22:42)SonjaOfTheMoon: Maybe it is. What if I'm just a character?
(22:42)Wildcat: Haha, well, we'll find out when a space station does or doesn't crash into Nevada.
(22:43)SonjaOfTheMoon: So you know about that as well.
(22:43)Wildcat: It was awesome! After some hundred-odd logs of Pancake being a [censored] to people, watching you kick him while he was down was cathartic.
(22:44)SonjaOfTheMoon: :)
(22:44)SonjaOfTheMoon: Shucks, I guess my ego hasn't been swollen enough today...
(22:44)SonjaOfTheMoon: So, is there anything else you can tell me?
(22:45)Wildcat: Uhm, just a sec...
[Unichat log --]
/message --multicast --channel=vague-omnipresent-council
Hey, guys, Sonja actually contacted me! I assume you can all see the log somehow, so what do I tell her? She could be our way in.
[Unichat log --]
/message EntropicPhantom So, you know how we seem to get contacted by weird things sometimes? I think I have one of them on the line. They could be our way in.
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): In non-Unichat-related news, I'm a trans lady now.
Seabiscuit: OHHHH. We should all make contact! edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: And I do mean we!
Just bombard her with loving fanmail


pls edit delete reply
Wildcat: That's a fun idea
We could also invite her to our chat, if that's something people want to do~ edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Oho, also a good idea

I mean as one of the mainest people (probably) it'd be cool for her to be in

But also I'm curious if she can join, since Pancake was given the link but either never bothered to try, or couldn't join... edit delete reply
Ravencorp: We should probably keep the council chat for ourselves, and maybe set up a new chat to interact with these good folks, in the interests of having somewhere private to talk among ourselves. edit delete reply
Wildcat: Lol Sonja, I' m not sure there's much of an 'in' to be in XD
What to tell her...
There's the Etamnanki and timetravel stuff, though I could probably just direct her to her own friends for that.
The Alternate timelines stuff is definitely something We could tell her about though, as are the conspirator Etamnanki clones that Pancake and Silent have (I'm all for throwing Pancake further under the bus. And alt. Pancake needs some fucking with)
We could also tell her a bit about the rest of the Chess Club (a warning about Vamp would probably be handy)
There's also Shatterpoints, and the fact that the four of them seem to *be* shatterpoints (I think I read that somewhere anyway)
Then there's the weird shit that happened to Anarchon from hades-realm. Which, He's an asshole, but I still kinda wanna help him :/
Do you guys have any thoughts? My inclination would be to start with the pancake stuff and maybe Anarchon (mostly as connected to Pancake) and maybe go from there. edit delete reply
Wildcat: Though while researching Anarchon I noticed that on his profile page he mentions having dreams that remind me of the one Resputin mentioned drove Gaians to join the cult.... edit delete reply
Wildcat: @Xeno Congratulations! :D
I hope no one gives you a hard time! edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Aww, thanks, wildkitty ;A; So far the response has been pretty positive! I mean, I kinda live in a northern Vermont college town, which is a pretty easy place to be trans. There's a college break coming up that has me a little bit apprehensive, though.

(I've gone ahead and deleted the second copy of this post. CF does that sometimes. D: ) edit delete reply
Arbiter: Congrats on coming out, Xeno. I just read the new footer, Naomi is a really nice name. edit delete reply
Wildcat: That is a really nice name :o
I never noticed that down there! edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Probably because I just added it with this page. :) But thanks~! edit delete reply
Arbiter: Ooh, more information on what the readers are! So Wildcat initially thought this was a game, while I thought it was a webcomic. But in either case, it seems that we’re being sent the logs, we aren’t accessing them of our own accord. That would imply that we’re fairly regular people in-universe, we aren’t gifted with some kind of selective omniscience. The obvious exception would be whoever’s sending us the logs, as they’re somehow accessing information from several dimensions and time periods, and I have no idea Xenocartographer who Xenocartographer that might be Xenocartographer.
It seems clear that Wildcat isn’t 100% sure whether she and Sonja are cofictional (and the fact that I had to invent that word just now really highlights how headache-inducing this comic’s treatment of the fourth wall is), but the fact that it’s even a possibility, and the fact that Wildcat could find out just by waiting to see if a space station crashes into Nevada, suggests that the world within which Wildcat’s character lives is similar enough to Sonja’s that they could be one and the same. That would suggest that Wildcat lives in 2083 as well, because if she lived in 2018 like she does in real life she’d have to wait 65 years for the Griddle to fall, and her tone suggests she doesn’t expect it to take a whole lifetime to get an answer. So Wildcat’s status within the story seems pretty clear: she lives in 2083, either in Sonja’s timeline or one very similar to it. I know I’ve said it’s possible the rest of us aren’t in a similar situation, but with the exception of Xeno and possibly Delta (who is canonically not affiliated with the rest of us), it seems likely that’s where we all live too. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Ah, logical theories~ ;^; edit delete reply
CONNECT 1200: From what we already know, there's no need to be in the same timeline to communicate or even know that some events happened. Also, Wildcat might have meant something like 'we'll find out by reading purrrther Unichat logs.'

But never mind, I've got a conspiracy theory for you to have a really scull-splitting one. We're not being sent logs. Not really. It's not a closed mail list, it's a public web page. Some folks come. Most leave. Few stay. If I ever saw a very selective bait meant to attract a well defined bunch of very specific characters — — —

(What for? No idea. A Xenocartographer is someone mapping an alien — world? reality? universe? fortification line? mind? May be a clue. May be not.) edit delete reply
Arbiter: “A well-defined bunch of very specific characters”, lol. A grouchy Canadian who turns everything into a bad joke or an expletive-filled rant. A Russian with some very (understandably) cynical views on politics. An Italian lawyer who likes to hit on one of the most dangerous characters in the canon. The author’s enthusiastic girlfriend with her own unique brand of Buffyspeak. At least one and at most three people who’ve named themselves after Undertale characters. A vermilion girl with a heartwarming amount of concern for the well-being of the characters. A severe cat pun enthusiast. A time-themed individual who antagonized Gods, and may or may not still be banned: A guy from LA who likes to solve puzzles and troll the characters by adopting elaborate aliases. At least two separate instances of a creepy, mysterious character with their own unrelated agenda. A corporation that produces ravens, an index of nanes, a small-sized coopa, the tragic tale of the downfall of a red dragon, the monarch of the land of Winna, a medical professional named Lankenstein, and somebody who isn’t an umbrella, to name a few.
Sounds like the dream team to me. I like this theory. edit delete reply
CONNECT 1200: Right? As test subjects, we're not supposed to understand either the goals of the experiment, or the selection criteria, but it still feels like a crew.

Sort of.

Maybe it's just me. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: "Sounds like the dream team to me."

edit delete reply
Ravencorp: Oi, we also provide 70% of the internals for crows too! edit delete reply
Ravencorp: /message SonjaOfTheMoon just so you know, when we say we get sent chat logs, we mean all the chat logs. Including any private messages. I'm sure you could find a use for such information. edit delete reply
Wildcat: You and Seabiscuit have eerily similar text colors edit delete reply
Ravencorp: Indeed. I've had a hard time distinguishing them myself. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: YES YES spam Sonja with useful, loving fanmail
Oh, we should be careful what we share though maybe
I don't want to break whatever plans Future Sonja might have, haha

/message SonjaOfTheMoon Hello! Big fan! I don't know if you know me, or Rasputin, but we're the ones that helped you escape~~
/message SonjaOfTheMoon S-so, uh, do you?
/message SonjaOfTheMoon W-well, in any case, when we say we get the chat logs- We mean it!
/message SonjaOfTheMoon I don't know if we have much of use to you as of now, I'm sure when Pancake makes his next move you'll be the first to know... (Well, I mean, besides us)
/message SonjaOfTheMoon Oh, well, there's one thing: There are a ~lot~ of Silent's personality clones running around that don't necessarily look like her, a few of which just tried to kill dear EP
/message SonjaOfTheMoon Be careful D: edit delete reply
Arbiter: /message SonjaOfTheMoon Since you’re already getting bombarded by mountains of fan mail, I might as well throw a message or two on the pile.
/message SonjaOfTheMoon You really kicked ol’ Panny’s ass back there. I’m impressed. Fucker had it coming.
/message SonjaOfTheMoon But I should warn you that the world is full of people like him, trying to pull strings in the background to accomplish whatever adolescent power fantasy they never outgrew.
/message SonjaOfTheMoon Maybe you’ve already begun to suspect this, but your boss OITHEOI is one of them. I’ll admit he’s probably better than Pancake, but I still don’t trust him, and neither should you. So keep an eye out, okay?
/message SonjaOfTheMoon And now that you can do wizardhax spacemajicks, try not to let that power go to your head, alright? I like you, and I would hate to have to ineffectually cuss you out for turning into another bloody supervillain, even if it would create the purplest page in Unichat. edit delete reply
Wildcat: Lol you all are great, I'll write up my message to her as well soon now ^_^ edit delete reply
Wildcat: (Replying to the chat with Sonja. If you need to edit a little to make it fit into a conversation freely, feel free.)
/message SonjaOfTheMoon Haha it looks like you’ve opened the floodgates! You’re probably getting a flood of messages right now!
/message SonjaOfTheMoon Honestly a lot has happened, and there is a lot that we could tell you! I’m going to start with the Pancake related stuff for now.
/message SonjaOfTheMoon To start with, @hena isn’t the only space magic going around, there’s also the Etamnanki and timetravel.
/message SonjaOfTheMoon Etamnanki is this weird thing that apparently interfaces with Unichat and brains. I’m not sure how it works, but apparently it sometimes connects with people in their sleep and gives them freaky dreams, and Pancake used it to create these… personality clones of Silent. Somehow. Also there’s this person that has Etamnanki mind control powers. You should avoid meeting her.
/message SonjaOfTheMoon I don’t know a whole lot about timetravel other than that Pancake has his fingers in it, and it’s also related to alternate timelines.
/message SonjaOfTheMoon Your friends might know more about that stuff than we do at this point though, the four of you should compare notes. Send Meta my thanks ;)
/message SonjaOfTheMoon Speaking of alternate timelines there’s another version of pancake that seems to be trying to merger with this one. (link to http://unichat-comic.com/comics/138/ )
/message SonjaOfTheMoon There are also shatterpoints, which are events that must happen in a certain way or the world ends, apparently. edit delete reply
CONNECT 1200: /message Wildcat Easy. Don't push it.
/message SonjaOfTheMoon Easy. Don't push it. edit delete reply
Little Guy: /message Wildcat Hello. I have been expecting you. edit delete reply
Wildcat: Cryptic messages that don't make any sense? OK.
/message Little Guy Hello. I have been expecting you, too. edit delete reply
Sewer_Rat: Another ~Mysterious User~ eh?
Man, how many of you guys are there? edit delete reply
Wildcat: I'm curious, is there a story behind your name? edit delete reply
Sewer_Rat: Mine or Little Guy's?

My name is just something i use a lot - kinda like the sound of it edit delete reply
Little Guy: ^ what he said

Also, i am small irl (like about 1.50 m in metric) edit delete reply