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Updates Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM EST
[Unichat log --]
11:08 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | What am I looking at here?
11:08 AM | pwnz3r | a report on the chronological after math of bowling up the moo
11:08 AM | pwnz3r | n
11:09 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | I was able to deduce that much from the filename. What does it mean?
11:09 AM | pwnz3r | **** if i know
11:09 AM | pwnz3r | smthing wierd happened
11:10 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | That's... not particularly helpful.
11:11 AM | pwnz3r | u know how i was like
11:11 AM | pwnz3r | "dont blow up the moon pancak"
11:11 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | Not this again.
11:12 AM | pwnz3r | m8 i dont ****ing HALF to work for you
11:12 AM | pwnz3r | the odds of u keeping ur world intact w/o me are pretty much 0
11:13 AM | pwnz3r | but thats not what this is about
11:13 AM | pwnz3r | ...
11:13 AM | pwnz3r | weve somehow moved CLOSER to the pwnz0 timeline
11:14 AM | pwnz3r | u know how i couldnt make them merge? for SOMe reason, inspite of doing every thing right???
11:14 AM | pwnz3r | well
11:14 AM | pwnz3r | i guess you knew something i dont, b/c when the charges blew...... it was progress
11:15 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | Elaborate.
11:15 AM | pwnz3r | well, we thoght it would b a lateral moove at best, right?
11:15 AM | pwnz3r | good 4 shaking things up, not so much for DIRECTLy getting past whetever's stopping the merger
11:16 AM | pwnz3r | but we're just shy of 9 persent more in sync, and thats alot
11:17 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | How can that be? In the 0 timeline, the moon is intact.
11:17 AM | pwnz3r | *** i said, something weird happened
11:18 AM | pwnz3r | as*, wierd*
11:18 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | While I am certainly excited at the possibility of reconnecting with a more survivable timeline, are we ready for this?
11:19 AM | pwnz3r | hmm......
11:19 AM | System | Your friend Empress_Of_Silence has connected.
11:19 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | Good morning, my Queen. How'd your meeting with Labuchere go?
11:19 AM | Empress_Of_Silence | The Inquisitor had some interesting information that I don't particularly want to entrust to electronic comms. Also, God is dead.
11:20 AM | Empress_Of_Silence | Gods, rather. Sorry, Nietzsche.
11:20 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | Dead? How? You're sure?
11:21 AM | Empress_Of_Silence | Yes, dead. I overheard commoners gossiping about it on the way to meet with Labuchere. She hadn't heard of it, so if someone euthanized him, it must have been overnight.
11:21 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | Or it could have been life support failure.
11:21 AM | Empress_Of_Silence | Possibly. His brain seems to have hemorrhaged, which could go either way.
11:21 AM | pwnz3r | oh, ****
11:21 AM | pwnz3r | are you near the body
11:21 AM | Empress_Of_Silence | Yes.
11:23 AM | pwnz3r | okay
11:24 AM | pwnz3r | is it still in the life support thingy
11:24 AM | Empress_Of_Silence | Yes. I've called for a medical conspirator.
11:24 AM | pwnz3r | do you know how to use ssh
11:25 AM | Empress_Of_Silence | Vaguely. What's this about?
11:26 AM | pwnz3r | i think gods euthenized himself
11:26 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | Impossible. He can't move.
11:26 AM | pwnz3r | with etamnanki
11:26 AM | pwnz3r | b/c we're closer...
11:27 AM | Empress_Of_Silence | ...to timelines where it's stronger. ****.
11:27 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | Is that really such a concern? Granted, advance notice would have been appreciated, but we still have that Pancake's security measures.
11:28 AM | pwnz3r | uhm, boss
11:28 AM | pwnz3r | remember who we have in our dungeon
11:29 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | Many people.
11:30 AM | Empress_Of_Silence | One of whom has Etamnanki-fueled mind control powers. If she catches on, we're ****ed.
11:31 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | Ivanova? I don't think she's a particular concern. pwnz, you too have an intuitive connection to Etamnanki, don't you?
11:31 AM | pwnz3r | uhm, yes
11:32 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | And if you didn't realize we'd moved back into it's sphere of influence until running the math on it, how would she?
11:32 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | I'd prefer to focus our attentions on ensuring Gods' death doesn't inspire any uprisings here, and determining how we can use our happy accident to further our longer-term objectives.
11:33 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | All the same, I'll send a security conspirator to check up on her.
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): Vampire fans, prepare for ~exposition~.
Seabiscuit: Gosh, so that's how Vampire could have lost in this timeline, huh?
I'm so glad Gods is dead. That fate of his disturbed me beyond belief, I wouldn't wish that on *anyone*... ;~;

[7:18:17 PM] Xenocartographer: Imagine Etamnanki is a skunk, and timelines are things that skunks can spray on. The ones farther away from the skunk don't smell as bad. edit delete reply
Turquoise: If any of you want to mess with the timeline, now's probably your chance. edit delete reply
Arbiter: “11:19 AM | Pancake_High_Admiral | Good morning, my Queen. How'd your meeting with Labuchere go?
11:19 AM | Empress_Of_Silence | The Inquisitor had some interesting information that I don't particularly want to entrust to electronic comms.”
Okay, first, I fucking called it. Second, am I supposed to infer that Labuchere is the Inquisitor? As in, Delta’s Inquisitor? As in, a-reader-created-this-character-and-now-the-author-has-given-them-a-canonical-identity-and-the-potential-to-become-a-major-player-in-the-plot the Inquisitor? 0_0
It’s interesting that the Alpha Timeline seems to be the only one with Etamnanki. Does that mean that the timelines diverged before it was created? Or perhaps its creation might even be the point of divergence. In any case, I guess that answers my earlier question about whether Unichat and Panichat were developed independently.
I want to believe that destroying the moon in the Panichat Timeline brought the timelines closer together because the Griddle was destroyed in the Alpha Timeline at around the same relative time. I want to, but I don’t. This makes me really worried for the fate of the Alpha Moon. edit delete reply
RavenCorp: Question: previous pages have what seem to be commenters messaging people in the comic. Is this something one can actually do to affect the comic? edit delete reply
Ravencorp: Oops, capitalized the C in my name. Didn't mean to do that. edit delete reply
Arbiter: Yeah, those were actual reader inputs. Are you going to try to contact someone in the Panichat Timeline? I don’t think anyone’s tried that yet. I’d be interested to see how it goes. edit delete reply
Turquoise: I tried. My message never even happened. So not sure if that works. edit delete reply
Arbiter: Oh. RIP. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: I asked the Cruel Mapmaker once if it was possible, the answer I got was something like "if you know how", haha edit delete reply
CONNECT 1200: Hmmm... Using the /message command, maybe? (Try /help — worked for me.) edit delete reply