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Updates Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM EST
[Unichat log --]
/message OITHEOI I've been monitoring the situation at Algernon University. I don't have any "ideas" as to what we should do, but I'll share everything I know with you.
/message OITHEOI Here, and here.
/message OITHEOI Also, I have reason to believe that EP is safe for the time being. I have intel that Pancake is using his life as a means of blackmailing one of his friends into doing what he wants. Pancake will kill him if he fails though, so we may not have a lot of time.
/message OITHEOI Do you want me to try to contact EP or one of his friends? I want to save them, but this is a tricky situation, and...
/message OITHEOI ...and I don't know what to do.
/message OITHEOI I need your advice. And I hate admitting that, especially to you, but I suppose this is a rare moment of humility for me. Because a lot of [censored] is going down on my end, and it's making me recognize more than ever how little control over this situation I really have.
/message OITHEOI And, well, it's possible that I may not have much time left to help these kids, and not just because Pancake's going to kill them if EP's friend messes up.
/message OITHEOI And helping people is all I ever wanted to do.
(08:13)System: You have been idle for ten (10) minutes - setting status to AWAY.
/message OITHEOI Uhm, Theo?
(08:30)System: You have been idle for ten (10) minutes - setting status to AWAY.
/message OITHEOI Another update from Algernon University.
/message OITHEOI ...I have absolutely no idea what's going on.
(08:43)System: You have been idle for ten (10) minutes - setting status to AWAY.
/message OITHEOI Theo?
[Unichat log --]
System: Incoming private message from user OITHEOI:
(10:12)OITHEOI: I am here.
/message OITHEOI Oh, thank God. I thought we were just going to let a breakfast [censored]hole abduct ANOTHER school kid.
System: Incoming private message from user OITHEOI:
(10:13)OITHEOI: Please understand that I have many priorities.
/message OITHEOI And being a good person's, what, number 50?
System: Incoming private message from user OITHEOI:
(10:14)OITHEOI: I'm flattered that you think so highly of me.
System: Incoming private message from user OITHEOI:
(10:17)OITHEOI: I've reviewed the logs. It seems that the immediate danger has passed.
/message OITHEOI So, what, we're just going to let Pancake hang out there like a [censored] until he tries again?
System: Incoming private message from user OITHEOI:
(10:18)OITHEOI: No. I have reason to believe Pancake may suffer a... considerable distraction by this evening. Timing our intervention then would be prudent.
/message OITHEOI I guess I can accept that. What sort of distraction?
System: Incoming private message from user OITHEOI:
(10:20)OITHEOI: Honestly, I suspect you already know, given your anomalous awareness of the Algernon logs. Refusing to answer, therefore, may help me test my theory.
/message OITHEOI I don't know.
/message OITHEOI Alright, fine. A, erm, friend of a friend thinks Algernon U's security systems might be vulnerable if we were to hack them.
System: Incoming private message from user OITHEOI:
(10:21)OITHEOI: Possibly... and if my understanding of Pancake's minions is accurate, it's a good idea for other reasons.
/message OITHEOI Huh?
System: Incoming private message from user OITHEOI:
(10:21)OITHEOI: See above.
[Unichat log --]
(10:30)Arbiter: Well, Theo finally responded. He thinks something's going to happen to Pancake, uhm, tonight - I assume in EP's time zone - and he wants to stage a rescue then.
(10:31)Seabiscuit: :)
(10:31)Seabiscuit: But, uhm, Sonja-
(10:32)Arbiter: I'm scrolling through the log. I don't know what to tell her, either.
(10:32)Seabiscuit: Nnnnnnnnn... I sent her a message a bit ago, just asking if there's anything she needs...
(10:33)Arbiter: What'd she say?
(10:34)Seabiscuit: She, uhm
(10:34)Seabiscuit: She asked me to look up the Griddle's orbital patterns...
(10:34)Seabiscuit: And when I gave her that, she wanted the coordinates of central Nevada for some reason ;^;
(10:35)SansOfTheUnderground: oh, [censored]
[Unichat log --]
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): Well, here's a bit of a cliffhanger. If you've got the implication, you can feel clever. If not, I promise not to drag it out unduly long.
Arbiter: “And being a good person’s, what, number 50?”
“I’m flattered that you think so highly of me.”
I would type “snerk” here, but I think Seabiscuit might own the rights to that word.
More coordinates? Is this related to the coordinate puzzle on the forum, I wonder? Did I really mess up severely enough to end up off the west coast of Mexico when I should have been in Nevada? Or is this just a coincidence and too much interaction with Delta has made me paranoid? Edit: It turns out I did mess up pretty bad. Not quite bad enough to put me in Nevada, but pretty close, in LA. RIP.
And since I’m linking to things, I might as well announce that I made a theme song for pwnz. I left a note about it on the forum but I guess I might as well mention it here too. edit delete reply
Turquoise: Odd. They both cant be found from these links. edit delete reply
Arbiter: It should be fixed now. Gods, I am a mess today. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Ommmmmg this is perfect, hahahaha, it fits him so perfectly somehow~ And that screencap of 'winning' made me snerk ;) edit delete reply
Arbiter: Wow, thanks! That’s really nice to hear. :D edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Arbiter's living up to his title, I see. :) Gosh, this is cool - and your choice of screenshots is impeccable. edit delete reply
Arbiter: My face hurts from all this grinning you’re making me do. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: arbiter is kawaii
~Seabiscuit, 2018 edit delete reply
SansTheComic: no no no
oh nooo
xeno, any way we can contact sonja at all without pancake knowing? you're the one with the 'even more power' shenanigans... edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: I'm guessing not D: So I sent that message via Rasputin hoping Sonja would give an answer despite knowing that Silent/Pancake would find out. She's a smart cookie so I'm sure she did~

Maybe the ??:?? Xeno could be of assistance to bypass but he doesn't seem like he wants to be of help to us


I wonder what happens if we PM him edit delete reply
Bearfox: Is she going to be coming in faster than expected? edit delete reply
Guest: How is that aroo? I meant that it sounded like she was planning to crash-land the Griddle into Nevada, making her trip to the Earth's surface a little faster than she had previously planned (i.e. by shuttle). Although this does seem to be a little too high risk of an operation. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: "How is that aroo?"

cos coming in fast, gosh edit delete reply
Arbiter: /message OITHEOI So do you, like, still need my help? Because I don’t know what more assistance I can offer. I’m absolute [censored] at hacking, even formatting links properly is a struggle for me. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: /message __RSPTN__ S-so... Do you have the coordinates to Central Nevada? Can you send them to Sonja?~ edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Oh! So my work here is done then?
Okay, disregard that PM then~ edit delete reply