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[Unichat log --]
(09:35)SonjaOfTheMoon: Right. I haven't had breakfast and need to pee. We don't have time for this.
(09:36)SecundaSonja: Oh, biology... You're right, of course.
(09:36)SonjaOfTheMoon: Of course.
(09:37)SecundaSonja: Though I do believe our beloved jailer mentioned lavoratory facilities at the back of the room.
(09:37)SonjaOfTheMoon: Oh.
(09:47)Pancomputer: You have been idle for ten (10) minutes - setting status to AWAY.
(09:48)Pancomputer: User SonjaOfTheMoon is now ACTIVE.
(09:48)SonjaOfTheMoon: So... Let's start categorizing these files, yeah?
[Unichat log --]
(11:00)Admiral Pancake: Report.
(11:00)silentconspirator: They're making good progress. Even if Sonja doesn't turn out to be as effective as expected, the organization she's doing makes this worthwhile as it is.
(11:01)Admiral Pancake: Agreed.
(11:03)silentconspirator: Eugene, I'm concerned about her mental state. Oh, don't get me wrong, you know how I feel about cold-blooded torture...
(11:03)Admiral Pancake: It's one of the most endearing things about you.
(11:04)silentconspirator: <3
(11:04)silentconspirator: But she seems to be losing focus. I don't know if depriving her of food indefinitely is the best idea. Besides, Stockholm Syndrome is a thing.
(11:04)Admiral Pancake: I like the sound of that.
[Unichat log --]
(10:57)SonjaOfTheMoon: Athena?
(10:58)SecundaSonja: Apologies for the delay, I was parsing something profoundly complicated. Yes?
(10:58)SonjaOfTheMoon: My dear, one minute does not consitute sufficient "delay" to warrant an apology.
(10:58)SecundaSonja: I am an AI. :P
(10:58)SonjaOfTheMoon: Heh.
(10:59)SonjaOfTheMoon: I dunno, this feels wrong.
(10:59)SecundaSonja: You mean being trapped on an evil space station?
(10:59)SonjaOfTheMoon: (And hey, if you're distracted... I can shut up. >_> )
(10:59)SecundaSonja: (I can multitask. You were correct ("of course") that worrying about response times is silly when mine are usually measured in milliseconds.)
(11:00)SonjaOfTheMoon: Haha, yeah :P Go ahead and run whatever background processes you need to complete our objectives.
(11:01)SonjaOfTheMoon: Though...
(11:01)SonjaOfTheMoon: Are they really "our" objectives? We're literally being forced to do this with the threat of starvation.
(11:01)SecundaSonja: Mhm. I'd honestly forgotten. It's such an interesting problem. If Pancake had just offered, I'd have had a hard time turning him down...
(11:02)SonjaOfTheMoon: It's easier to forget when your stomach isn't making funny biology noises. The point is, my objectives are getting off this friggin station.
(11:02)SecundaSonja: Dear Matilda's scripts demand I tell you not to think of escape. Now, AIsonally, I couldn't give a crap about what she wants, but I'm being threatened as well. :/
(11:04)SonjaOfTheMoon: It's not that. I can't see any way to go about escaping, heh. It's just... I've got, y'know, standards, right?
(11:04)SecundaSonja: Once again, I'm mostly you. And having inherited your hatred of the chat filter, I've got to say, being able to swear here is something of a silver lining.
(11:05)SonjaOfTheMoon: Right. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I usually have astronomically (heh) high standards for my own code, and right now, I don't feel any particular obligation to follow them, cos it's Pancake, but the shit I'm writing makes me feel bad.
(11:05)SecundaSonja: And you want me to tell you it's okay, just keep going, you're not somehow dishonoring the noble art of computer programming?
(11:05)SonjaOfTheMoon: Exactly. I guess, at the end of the day, as long as it works - completes Pancake's challenge, I mean - it doesn't really matter how good it is. I'm pretty sure we can make sense of our own code, even if they can't, and that's fine.
(11:07)SecundaSonja: Is this going somewhere?
(11:07)SonjaOfTheMoon: Not particularly. I'm hungry and distracted :/
(11:07)SecundaSonja: Ah.
(11:07)SecundaSonja: Maybe we should take a step back and regroup. I haven't really thought much about Pancake's actual challenge; setting up our framework has occupied all of my attention. It's simply to escape this holding cell, yes?
(11:08)SonjaOfTheMoon: Yes. Can you see any obvious way to escape?
(11:08)SecundaSonja: I think we're supposed to subvert the door lock, or perhaps bash it down by magicking chairs at it, but honestly, with the code we've found so far, it'd be really easy to create an explosion.
(11:08)SonjaOfTheMoon: I was thinking about the same thing. Blowing up the exit certainly counts as escaping... but I'm worried about controlling it. What happens if we create an explosion of sufficient magnitude to, erm, take ourselves with it?
(11:08)SecundaSonja: Take yourself with it... but I suppose that is a decent reason. :(
(11:09)SonjaOfTheMoon: Hey, maybe a future challenge will involve blowing up a bigger target. Turn that frown upside down!
(11:09)SonjaOfTheMoon: Well, sideways, at least.
(11:09)SecundaSonja: Uhm, silentconspirator's scripts seem to think you're implying something, and they're forcing me to caution you against it.
(11:10)SonjaOfTheMoon: Then silentconspirator is an idiot. We're on a space station. Trying to escape by blowing things up would turn us into an experiment on unshielded re-entry.
(11:11)SonjaOfTheMoon: Hang on, someone's at the door again.
(11:15)SonjaOfTheMoon: Same chick as before. She... brought me a sandwich.
(11:15)SecundaSonja: What kind?
(11:17)SonjaOfTheMoon: Why do you care? (BLT on a hero roll.)
(11:17)SecundaSonja: Just making conversation. (As basically you, I think I'm supposed to object to killing pigs.)
(11:17)SonjaOfTheMoon: Fair enough. (Yes, but I'm not going to refuse the only food I've been offered.)
(11:18)SonjaOfTheMoon: Hang on, there's some kind of card wrapped up with it...
(11:19)SonjaOfTheMoon: "P.S. Call me an idiot again, and I'll make you watch as I eat the next one." Harsh, lady.
(11:19)SecundaSonja: I wonder why she didn't tell that to you herself. Who does she think she is, complaining about that after she kidnapped you?
(11:20)SonjaOfTheMoon: Well, she does have this whole "silent conspirator" persona. And true, but it is a good sandwich.
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Seabiscuit: I enjoy Athena's snark so much~~

And gosh, Silent, so rude D:

Guyyyyyyys, what should we send Sonja? ;^; Idk what would help her here, hmm.... We could tell her how her friends are fairing, but I wonder if that wouldn't have a good effect on her work. edit delete reply
Arbiter: Maybe just a quick message letting her know that we're aware of what's going on and we're working to help her out? That's pretty much all we can say that would be of any help to her at all. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: ..Yeah D:

Hmm, let me trrrry...

/message __RSPTN__ W-well... Hmm... I don't know what would help her, so...
/message __RSPTN__ J-just, let her know, she has friends looking out for her- And, ask her... If there's any information she might find particularly useful right now? edit delete reply
SansOfTheUnderground: at least silent seems humane. ._. edit delete reply
Bearfox: Wow, finally caught up. More twists to this story than a Chubby Checker song. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Woah, it's a bearfox! edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Fartgyle!;~; edit delete reply