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Updates Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM EST
[Unichat log --]
(14:32)System: User GodsOfOlympus is joining #the-kremlin.
(14:32)GodsOfOlympus: Apologies for my tardiness. Your server and mine didn't quite agree on the specifics of encryption schemes.
(14:32)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Not to worry. What's a few minutes between friends?
(14:32)GodsOfOlympus: Nonetheless, you wanted to speak with me, and my time is limited.
(14:33)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Then let's get to it. A confederate of mine has notified me of certain developments. If you read the log between when Ms. Ivanova joins and leaves, you will understand.
(14:33)GodsOfOlympus: She's engaging Gaian sympathizers?
(14:34)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Not exactly. The GLS and the church of Gaia have widely disparate motives. They would be at each other's throats if it weren't for my forces providing a common enemy. They're pretty small as terrorist groups go, but I'm surprised you haven't heard of them.
(14:34)GodsOfOlympus: The constant flux of irregular organizations within your borders is the bane of my intelligence as much as of yours. I appreciate the heads-up.
(14:34)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Of course.
(14:35)GodsOfOlympus: Nonetheless... May I surmise that you didn't call me out here just for this?
(14:35)VladmirOrlovOfficial: You would be correct. See, suppressing the Gaians is hard enough without all these other groups...
(14:35)GodsOfOlympus: Of course. I have every intention of honoring our treaty.
(14:36)VladmirOrlovOfficial: That is a profoundly refreshing attitude.
(14:36)GodsOfOlympus: What do you need?
(14:37)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Hold up one second, if you'd be so kind. There's something I'd like to ask you first.
(14:37)GodsOfOlympus: Go ahead.
(14:37)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised at you not noticing the GLS. They are, as you said, far from the only group operating out here.
(14:38)GodsOfOlympus: I appreciate the understanding.
(14:39)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Well...
(14:39)VladmirOrlovOfficial: What I don't get is the second U_R. They have an account on the main server - your server. It worries me that you weren't made aware of that.
(14:40)GodsOfOlympus: ...
(14:40)GodsOfOlympus: Go on.
(14:41)VladmirOrlovOfficial: I fear you may have a mole amongst your ranks.
(14:44)GodsOfOlympus: That is an alarming statement. Do you have any evidence?
(14:46)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Well, there's Unus_Relicuum. Someone had to have kept that information hidden, hadn't they? Someone high enough in your organization to subvert core organizational policies, and with enough trust to keep their tracks covered...
(14:46)GodsOfOlympus: There may be other reasons. I'll take what you said into consideration, but I'm loathe to act on a single data point.
(14:47)VladmirOrlovOfficial: I'm not finished. Let's think about what sorts of security you've got in place, shall we?
(14:48)GodsOfOlympus: Be advised that I will not discuss anything that threatens server security.
(14:48)VladmirOrlovOfficial: No, of course not. But I think it's a fair assumption that most of your day-to-day moderation is automated, is it not?
(14:48)GodsOfOlympus: Yes, we have automous agents to help locate potential trouble.
(14:48)VladmirOrlovOfficial: So, what, if people talk about suspicious topics too much, something's supposed to notice, right?
(14:52)GodsOfOlympus: Generally correct... though it must be emphasized that the protocols in place to protect user anonymity are considerable. Even if a user is reported, or triggers an automated report, the report must be first reviewed by at least three moderators before any further action can be taken. Without their recommendation, the report is completely destroyed. You can consult the Unichat ToS for more details.
(14:52)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Oh, you don't need to worry about me accusing you of a surveillance state. :/
(14:53)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Nonetheless... Suppose someone subverted that automated report system. That wouldn't be enough to keep you from noticing the second U_R, would it?
(14:54)GodsOfOlympus: No, of course not. A moderator, or even a regular user, would eventually notice and initiate a report. And even if that that somehow didn't happen, our internal reviews would notice the subverted system...
(14:54)GodsOfOlympus: So, no. A technical attack would not be sufficient to protect Unus_Relicuum's account from discovery.
(14:54)VladmirOrlovOfficial: And yet it wasn't discovered.
(14:55)GodsOfOlympus: Until your contact found it.
(14:55)VladmirOrlovOfficial: My contact who has been spying on Gaians. Why did it take so long - why would it take her speaking to the person in question; her, a civilian with no involvement with your servers at all - to find out? Why, Gods?
(14:55)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Did everything you described fail?
(14:55)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Or were you, perhaps, the victim of sabotage?
(15:02)GodsOfOlympus: Do not underestimate your Miss Ivanova. She is not what she seems.
(15:02)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Oh, don't give me that [censored]. I'm right, and you know it. I think you've known it for some time, but you haven't been able to get rid of this person yet.
(15:02)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Face it, Gods, you're worried.
(15:08)GodsOfOlympus: You are correct.
(15:08)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Good. I'm better at spies than you, and this person's got some connection to Gaia.
(15:08)VladmirOrlovOfficial: So, "[w]hat do [I] need?" Let me turn that around on you, Gods.
(15:09)GodsOfOlympus: ...
(15:09)VladmirOrlovOfficial: I don't think it's a secret to either of us that big things are going to happen over the coming months. The last thing we need is another mysterious party sabotaging things.
(15:12)GodsOfOlympus: No, I suppose not.
(15:12)VladmirOrlovOfficial: So, can we work together?
(15:12)GodsOfOlympus: Yes, but I don't trust this encryption. I'd like to move to something more secure, if you don't mind.
(15:13)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Hm? I was under the impression that your security guys came up with this protocol.
(15:14)GodsOfOlympus: Well, yes. Still, there is a more secure one... It's not publicly available, since it represents a significant drain on server resources, but I think this is a case worth breaking it out for.
(15:14)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Sure. What do I need to do?
(15:17)GodsOfOlympus: I'm setting it up as we speak. You're about to receive a link - simply click on it.
(15:19)System: Receiving ETAMNANKI transmission.
[Unichat log --]
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Xenocartographer (Official Note): Lest it were unclear, what Orlov received wasn't a surreal audio track on YouTube. Oh, yeah, Orlov never stopped being a guy that exists and does stuff.
Seabiscuit: "(14:41)VladmirOrlovOfficial: I fear you may have a mole amongst your ranks."

Our little rogue admin friend?~
Woah what if he's (the rogue admin) just playing us (and EP now, I suppose) and working with Gaians D:

Gosh, I wonder if Orlov really doesn't understand what Vampire is...

"(15:21)VladmirOrlovOfficial: What the hell was that?"


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Marlowe345: I've just finished reading all the logs, and you can colour me intrigued! (It's a shade of cyan green, apparently)
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