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Updates Saturday at 8:30 PM EST
[Unichat log --]
/message FelisKitty Oh, roomie dearest, where you at?
System: Incoming private message from user FelisKitty:
(14:08)FelisKitty: Professor Blackwood's office. I had office hours. He's-
System: Incoming private message from user FelisKitty:
(14:09)FelisKitty: He's been shot, Alex. Oh, my God. There's blood everywhere.
/message reply Oh my god.
/query FelisKitty

(14:09)System: Initiating private chat with active user FelisKitty.
(14:09)EntropicPhantom: Felicity? D:
*(14:09)FelisKitty hug D:*
(14:09)FelisKitty: He- he's dead, Alex. I- I checked, but I- I didn't need to-
(14:09)FelisKitty: I think these are shotgun wounds. They're all over his torso. Whoever did this was out to cause pain.
(14:10)EntropicPhantom: Tell me you called security?
(14:13)FelisKitty: Yes, but I only got the office's voicemail. The message said they were responding to a lockout. But the cops are on their way.
(14:14)EntropicPhantom: Good thinking. Do you think you should come by the room?
(14:15)FelisKitty: I don't know. I'd like to be here to show the police what I found...
(14:16)EntropicPhantom: I'd feel more comfortable with you here. You left them a detailed message, right? I'm sure they're in touch with security.
(14:16)FelisKitty: You'd think so, but why haven't the alarms gone off? This is definitely lockdown-worthy...
(14:16)FelisKitty: Something's not right here.
(14:17)EntropicPhantom: You mean besides Professor Blackwood being dead?!
(14:18)FelisKitty: I mean, this isn't how this should be handled. Where are the emergency services? Something should have happened by now...
(14:19)EntropicPhantom: It's only been a few minutes, hasn't it?
(14:20)FelisKitty: That shouldn't matter. I study this stuff, Alex, and this is wrong.
(14:21)EntropicPhantom: Nnnnnnnn...
(14:21)EntropicPhantom: You sure you don't want to come back here? Whatever's going on can't be safe.
(14:22)FelisKitty: I... I don't know, Alex. I'm very concerned.
(14:23)EntropicPhantom: I'm concerned about you, Fel! A- and if something really is going on, and something happens to you, then you can't follow up on it...
(14:25)FelisKitty: What do you mean?
(14:25)EntropicPhantom: I mean...
(14:25)EntropicPhantom: What if the killer's still here?
(14:26)FelisKitty: [censored]!
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): Meanwhile, and tangential:

[8:59:51 PM] Xenocartographer (Boyfriend of Beckybiscuit): ...which really should have tipped me off that [we're talking about zero escape and I'm redacting the spoilers, also go play zero escape]
[8:59:52 PM] Xenocartographer (Boyfriend of Beckybiscuit): oh well
[9:00:15 PM] bulbapedia [batts]: it happened when [zero escape spoilers]
[9:00:57 PM] Xenocartographer (Boyfriend of Beckybiscuit): Right, [zero escape spoilers].
[9:01:24 PM] Xenocartographer (Boyfriend of Beckybiscuit): A- anyway
[9:01:47 PM] Xenocartographer (Boyfriend of Beckybiscuit): Unichat doesn't have Akane, but it does have some nerds and some ships
[9:01:52 PM] bulbapedia [batts]: (not suggesting anything, just getting the facts on the table)
[9:01:52 PM] Xenocartographer (Boyfriend of Beckybiscuit): and some nerds that can be shipped
[9:01:57 PM] Xenocartographer (Boyfriend of Beckybiscuit): (I know)
[9:01:58 PM] bulbapedia [batts]: o: nerds and ships
[9:02:06 PM] Xenocartographer (Boyfriend of Beckybiscuit): (you're pro at not spoiling things)
[9:02:18 PM] bulbapedia [batts]: (I try my best)
[9:02:27 PM] Xenocartographer (Boyfriend of Beckybiscuit): >o: nerds and ships
[9:02:36 PM] Xenocartographer (Boyfriend of Beckybiscuit): Interplanetary ships tbh
[9:02:59 PM] bulbapedia [batts]: could you call them... space ships
[9:03:11 PM] Xenocartographer (Boyfriend of Beckybiscuit): :D
[9:04:14 PM] Xenocartographer (Boyfriend of Beckybiscuit): D- do you mind if I quote that in the comments?
[9:04:21 PM] bulbapedia [batts]: omg sure
Seabiscuit: Gosh, Arbiter and Theo are an oddly good team so far, eheheh!

Holy fuck balls the therapy session. I laughed so much. Especially at the start. Pancake and Rasputins initial reactions say so much about their personalities -snerk-
You shoulda invited Vampire, too!~

Arbiter: "Gosh, Arbiter and Theo are an oddly good team so far"
I know, and I hate it. :P edit delete reply
SansTheComic: if the counselling session is what finally makes the entire chess club unite against us and completely destroy the conspiracy, let's be honest: it'll be worth it. edit delete reply
Wildcat: Oh god yes,that was beautiful.
It's almost enough to make me finally make a "troll Pancake" account. Or a troll bot, but I'm not convinced that's a good idea. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Damn! I hoped to get ideas on how to trick Pancake, guess that didn't work.:{ edit delete reply
Arbiter: /message Padlock XD Theo's totally freaked out about the whole couple's counselling thing. I really hope that little stunt doesn't end up getting you killed, but if it does, then you'll die a hero in my eyes. edit delete reply
Padlock: /message Arbiter Stunt? I'll have you know sir, that I take my job very seriously! Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a happy couple leave your office.
It just warms your heart. edit delete reply
Arbiter: Aw, how sweet!
Do you think Rasputin will recognize you by your chat colour when he joins your conversation with UmRum? Or does the alias disguise that to non-readers as well? edit delete reply
Arbiter: Anyway, does anybody have any ideas for what Theo and I should do about the Algernon situation? Should I try contacting EP or FK? I'm a bit worried... Do you think it's possible that a conspirator is actually impersonating Alex and trying to lure Felicity back to the room? 0_0
PS Xeno, if Seabiscuit manages to contact Anarchon will you include my attempt to contact Gaia too? Or is that just poking a hornet's nest? edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: I'll resolve anything posted "in character", whether or not it's a good idea. Part of this experiment is ensuring y'all have the freedom to make your own mistakes. edit delete reply
Wildcat: What if we left an anonymous tip with the police?
Theo should be able to hack security cameras right? If there are any in the area we might be able to confirm if that's still EP or not, and if not maybe figure out what happened to him. edit delete reply
Padlock: /setalias --alias="Counselor"
/message OITHEOI I see you've been disclosing our private sessions with others. Your destructive nature isn't healthy, first you start an international incident with Russia, then you betray my trust. I take the privacy of my clients very seriously, I'm sorry but you'll just have to find another counselor - I can't help you unless you are willing to let me in. edit delete reply
Arbiter: Um, are you sure you want to do that? It might give him more reason to suspect that we know each other. edit delete reply
Wildcat: Padlock could always play the omniscience angle for all it's worth. The way this Counselor thing is setup, it should be pretty easy to deflect or ignore questions. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Wait guise wasn't one of you starting a Hades Realm group omg can I come I wanna play edit delete reply
Arbiter: Yes! Join us and we will kick all the ass! edit delete reply

/hades-realm join "Vague Council of Win" edit delete reply
The44th: Holy shit, this is amazing. What seemingly started as a "four kids in a slice of life comic, about to play a game" turned into a story about how people that control large parts of the world are trolled by commenters.
/message Admiral Pancake Does your orbital facility block all connections or only ground-based ones? https://imgur.com/a/UnFAo edit delete reply
SansOfTheUnderground: not sure that was the best move. he has literally no reason to tell you, this is yet another thing making him more likely to find out who all these pesky ppl are and he'll probably be on his guard now in case of an attack. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Yeah, well, you're amazing, new reader person! edit delete reply
((Delta)): /message Admiral_Pancake Greetings. I do hope this message arrives to you in good health. If I may introduce myself: I am ((Delta)). I come offering you a proposition: I do believe that we both have been bothered by a string of people knowing far more than they should about private engagements, and I believe that we can both agree that their interference is quite the nuisance. May I interest you in some information? I am under the belief that knowledge is power - so know that I do not offer power lightly. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: I read this out loud to Xeno since he was too lazy to go see it himself and his replies during were basically "oh no, oh no, oh fuck this should be interesting" edit delete reply
Wildcat: This should be interesting indeed. edit delete reply
reddragonfall: And now we see if we may trust our own... (meant to put this as a relpy to ((delta))'s message, whoops.) edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, you're still around! edit delete reply