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Updates Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM EST
[Unichat log --]
(17:22)System: User OITHEOI is joining #neural-link-1354.
(17:22)OITHEOI: Good evening, Kouri.
(17:22)MrE: Well, this is new.
(17:23)OITHEOI: There's a secure connection running through your DNI system. I created the tech for my field agents, but it's apparently easily adapted to interface with medical sensors.
(17:23)MrE: You sure have grown sophisticated since the last time we fought. May I ask what this is about?
(17:24)OITHEOI: You may find I've grown less obnoxiously edgy since then, too. The short story is that Gods wanted you dead, and Rasputin and I decided that shouldn't happen.
(17:25)MrE: I see.
(17:26)OITHEOI: I don't know what he wanted to kill you for. I was hoping you could shed some light on the subject.
(17:27)MrE: Unfortunately, no. I had been in Russia at the behest of their new election commission to advise on anti-corruption measures. Perhaps Gods favored a certain candidate, or perhaps he was merely afraid of some more nefarious actions on my end. I really couldn't tell you.
(17:28)OITHEOI: I have a hard time imagining Gods acting on a hunch.
(17:29)MrE: Then he probably had some stake in corrupting the election. Believe me when I say I'm retired, Oien.
(17:30)OITHEOI: I believe you.
(17:31)MrE: Then I wish I had more to tell you.
(17:32)OITHEOI: Did you see any particular signs of election fraud?
(17:33)MrE: All over the place, from every side, but nothing unusually eye-catching. I do believe the overall result was fair.
(17:34)OITHEOI: Hm.
(17:34)MrE: If you wanted more information out of me, I'm afraid your barking up the wrong tree, and I doubt I'm healthy enough to torture.
(17:35)OITHEOI: No, I'm sorry, this really is about spiting Gods. Thank you.
(17:36)MrE: And thank you, as well. That's the second of you I owe my life to.
(17:37)OITHEOI: What do you mean?
(17:38)MrE: Oh, just musing. I'm afraid I've gotten in that habit in my old age...
(17:38)OITHEOI: Understood. I do have one follow-up question, if I may.
(17:39)MrE: Go ahead.
(17:40)OITHEOI: If you were in Russia, why were you in India?
(17:41)MrE: Oh, you know, I've still got the occasional old enemy... Keeping my route home circuitous was just common sense.
(17:41)OITHEOI: That makes sense.
(17:42)MrE: Listen, I've got a splitting headache and enough machines plugged into me to re-enact The Terminator. There's some very important napping I'd like to get back to, if it's all the same to you.
(17:43)OITHEOI: Of course, and I've got to get back to stopping Pancake from being more of a prick than he already is. If you'd like, I can have my fiance come online to watch over you, if you want someone a little more in the know than the ship's nursing staff.
(17:44)MrE: Fiance? I really am behind.
(17:45)System: OITHEOI invited active user ItsDuckKingKarl to join this anonymous channel.
(17:45)System: User ItsDuckKingKarl is joining #neural-link-1354.
(17:45)ItsDuckKingKarl: Hello
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): And now Theo's annoyance at Arbiter is explained. Apologies for the page title, speaking of...

I'm so happy for Theo, he's not all alone after all!! Gosh, all of the chess club members have someone... That's nice, even evil villains need companionship~~

To the rest of the page... Gosh, it's SO cool seeing these two interact. Just think, guys- This is only happening 'cause of us! I mean, if MrE had actually died... Gosh. I'm so curious what Theo vs MrE was like back in the day, with Theo describing himself as "obnoxiously edgy" hahahaha. I hope we can sea flashbacks somehow~~~ ... Was Unichat a thing back then?

Oh man Padlock, you were all "who do you have?" to Theo... Omg, he DOES have someone!!

e: also [first name confirmed] edit delete reply
Guest: Shoot, really misread that one eh? He shouldn't have withheld this in counseling; going to have to talk about this in our next session. edit delete reply
Padlock: Whoops! forgot to login! edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: -snerk-

Gosh, keeping things from your therapist is mistake number one...~ edit delete reply
Arbiter: Fiancé, huh? I freaking knew it. That's the only reason a guy like Theo would ever trust anyone. The Chess Club tradition of falling in love with people who are as shifty as you continues! Karl, king of Oien's heart!
As you can see, I'm not quite done roasting Theo. The main reason is that I don't trust his story here. (That, and the fact that it's fun.) Gods wanted MrE dead? Then why even try to get Rasputin to protect the ship? He said, and I quote: "The ship is carrying cargo of interest to me. I don't think Theo is aware of this, but regardless, his attack does contradict with my own interests." If Gods wanted MrE dead, how would Theo's attack conflict with that? Remember, we've been told that Gods doesn't lie. The only explanation I can think of is that Gods wanted to kill MrE himself, but as much as I dislike GoO, I somehow doubt he's that sadistic or petty. After all, I taunted him earlier, he clearly noticed, but he let it slide. Maybe Gods wanted to torture information out of MrE and THEN kill him, but if that's the case then Theo still isn't being perfectly honest here.
I doubt Theo wants to hurt MrE, at least for the time being, but I still don't like that he's in his possession right now. I think Theo wants to know why MrE was in India more than he lets on, and like me, I doubt he bought MrE's explanation. And now he's hooked him up to some sort of machine, which seems benign now but I doubt will stay that way for long.
I don't trust Gods. I don't trust Rasputin. I certainly don't trust Vampire, and I definitely don't trust Pancake. Honestly, I barely trust MrE, and that's because I think he's good, but not honest. And despite the events of this page, I still don't trust Theo. edit delete reply
Arbiter: PS "MrE: And thank you, as well. That's the second of you I owe my life to." What an interesting thing to say... He could be referring to Pancake in meta's story, or maybe Dellis was onto something... edit delete reply
Arbiter: PPS In light of this page's title, I vote we nickname KarlXTheo "The Medical Ship". edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Thirded, but then again I did title the page. edit delete reply
Padlock: /setalias --alias="Juss Wondrin"
/join #neural-link-1345
/plugin on #neural-link-1345
/log encrypt --stealth
So, uh... is your name a play on "Mystery" or "Meal Ready to Eat"?
/log no-encrypt --stealth
^D edit delete reply
Wildcat: Ah, you have a typo there. you --> your
Man, so many people are doing things I'd never thought of lately edit delete reply
((Delta)): /join #The-Tea-Room
I may just have the solution to our tech problems...
/setalias --alias="Mr. Opportunity"
/message ReverseTheStreams Hello! You might not know me, but I am in need of a team of coding wizards like yourself and was referred to you by SonjaofTheMoon for your skill set, are you available for hire? edit delete reply
SansOfTheUnderground: are we supposed to know about delta's shenanigans? edit delete reply
Arbiter: Well, far be it from me to tell you how to interact with the comic, but personally I'm limiting my in-character knowledge to explicitly canon things (the comic) and ambiguously canon things that I'm directly involved with (in-character chat that happens in the comments section, ie. the whole Tea Room thing from the last page, since I was invited in and Delta and I interacted in-character.) As such, I wouldn't know exactly WHO Delta contacted for help with the "tech problems" until it makes its way into the comic, provided it ever does, or Delta tells me.
PS Are you, SansTheComic, and SansFinalGuardian all the same person, or does this comic just have a lot of readers who are Undertale fans? edit delete reply
SansOfTheUnderground: let's see what "inducing shatterpoint qualities" actually does. (xeno, please change this to the appropriate colour if possible.)
/message metampsychotic hello?
/message metampsychotic look, i have something important to tell you. it's about sonja. edit delete reply
atma: I just read through the archives, stopping in to say thanks. A text-based web comic, so refreshing :) edit delete reply
OnionPrincess: <shatner>KAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRLLLLLL!!!</shatner>
What a fascinating time to stumble across this web of intrigue... I can't tell whether Karl's playing Theo, Eugene or both. And why does GOO want MrE alive? Perhaps to gain control over meta for some reason?

And to think all I wanted was to interview the Asphodel players. Who knew the disappearance of Sonja and EP would lead to such a rabbit hole? edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: But Kaaaaaaaaaaaarl...

Ah, everyone playing each other for shi- I mean [censored]s and giggles, such a staple of my writing. Frankly, I'm as excited as y'all to see how this plays out. :) edit delete reply
Padlock: /setalias --alias="General_Waffle"
/join #legitimate-offer-cave
(01:12) General_Waffle: Salutations my extra-dimensional alternative! I come as a courier of a most interesting piece of dimensional information! As a high ranking member of The Checkers Club this information I do not share lightly!
/setalias --alias="Waffle_Major_General"
/setdimension --dimension="8937-2"
1:13 AM | Waffle_Major_General | What my alternate means is; we offer you the chatlogs of nearly any one of your opponents...
/setalias --alias="ObnoxiouslyLoudSchemer"
/setdimension return
(01:14) ObnoxiouslyLoudSchemer: Oh, Waffle dearest! Aren't you ever coming to bed?
/setalias --alias="General_Waffle"
(01:15) General_Waffle: Not now honey! I'm trying to trade information with an alternate and inevitably betray them like always because I'm a huge jerk!
(01:16) General_Waffle: . . .
/setalias --alias="Waffle_Major_General"
/setdimension --dimension="8937-2"
1:17 AM | Waffle_Major_General | . . .
/setalias --alias="General_Waffle"
/setdimension return
(1:18) General_Waffle: Did I forget to make this a private chat again?
/setalias --alias="Padlock"
(1:19) Padlock: That's you. That's what you sound like.
^D edit delete reply
Arbiter: I am the very model of a Waffle Major General,
Just dropping in to act like an asshole extradimensional.
I mass-produce my minions in a fashion quite factorial,
Am I the greatest ever? No? Shut up, that was rhetorical!
With lots of fancy gadgets armed with properties nigh-magical,
I can blow the moon up and create an end so tragical.
An army of conspirators, and each day I get more recruits,
I think you'll find my Etamnanki doohickey sees lots of use!
I got to where I am today through expertise in avarice,
I have no better nature and my soul, you'll find, is cavernous.
In short, in matters villainous, both spatial and transtemporal,
I am the very model of a Waffle Major General! edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: -snerk-

Holy crap, you guys edit delete reply
OnionPrincess: * Gives Arbiter a standing ovation * edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: I knew there was a reason your profile calls you the best fan. edit delete reply
KingWinna: Am I the only one who still likes Pancake? I mean sure, he's not a great person but Pancake is such a great name. edit delete reply
Wildcat: I mean, he's fun to make fun of and make puns about. edit delete reply
eekee: ahahahaha oh dear oh dear oh dear! no wonder theo didn't want to listen to anything against karl. oh dear oh dear. edit delete reply