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[Unichat log --]
/query metampsychotic

(08:12)System: Initiating private chat with active user metampsychotic.
(08:12)pwnz0rz: sup
(08:13)metampsychotic: oh my g-d
(08:13)metampsychotic: oh g-d oh g-d oh g-d
(08:14)pwnz0rz: uhm
(08:15)pwnz0rz: erica?
(08:16)metampsychotic: check the bbc's rss feed D:
(08:17)pwnz0rz: uh, sec
(08:18)pwnz0rz: ok theres 72 recent posts and idk which u wsnt me 2 see
(08:18)pwnz0rz: theres some thing abuot loosing contact w/ the moon...issonja ok???
(08:19)metampsychotic: omg...
(08:20)metampsychotic: :(
(08:20)metampsychotic: the last i heard from her was when she and ep disappeared after asphodel
(08:20)metampsychotic: you?
(08:20)pwnz0rz: im sure shes fine
(08:21)pwnz0rz: like
(08:21)pwnz0rz: this inst the first time teh moon hashad compute rtrouble
(08:22)metampsychotic: it is the first time the bbc's talked about it, though
(08:23)metampsychotic: D:
(08:24)pwnz0rz: is this what youre upset about???
(08:25)metampsychotic: no
(08:26)metampsychotic: i mean yes but i didn't know about it until you mentioned it
(08:26)pwnz0rz: oh
(08:26)pwnz0rz: uhm
(08:27)pwnz0rz: oops
(08:28)metampsychotic: add --by-id 281471
(08:28)pwnz0rz: foudn it,reading
(08:36)pwnz0rz: dude why is everyone declare war on everyone
(08:36)pwnz0rz: like
(08:36)pwnz0rz: im pretty sure hlaf the lesson of hitler was dont do that
(08:37)pwnz0rz: imean
(08:37)pwnz0rz: u know what i mean right???
(08:40)metampsychotic: my dad was on that ship
(08:40)pwnz0rz: oh
(08:41)pwnz0rz: oh my god
(08:42)metampsychotic: :(
(08:43)metampsychotic: i'm preying they find him but
(08:44)metampsychotic: praying*
(08:45)pwnz0rz: i understood, don't worry
(08:45)pwnz0rz: where are you?
(08:45)metampsychotic: please don't look for me right now
(08:45)metampsychotic: i don't want to see anyone right now
(08:46)pwnz0rz: ok
(08:46)pwnz0rz: i wont
(08:48)pwnz0rz: do you want to talk here?
(08:50)metampsychotic: i don't know
(08:52)metampsychotic: it's like there's a giant lump in my throat, and i can't get any words out around it
(08:53)metampsychotic: ...not that that matters on unichat but you know what i mean
(08:54)metampsychotic: oh g-d
(08:55)metampsychotic: he can't be dead
(08:55)metampsychotic: it wouldn't be fair
(08:56)metampsychotic: he was a good person and i was going to bake cakes for us
(08:57)metampsychotic: he doesn't deserve this
(08:58)pwnz0rz: plenty of people get what they dont deserve
(08:58)pwnz0rz: and dont get what they do
(08:58)pwnz0rz: weve gotta deal w/ whats in front of us
(08:58)metampsychotic: well that's a hell of a thing to say!
(08:59)pwnz0rz: hey
(09:00)pwnz0rz: thats not what i meant
(09:01)pwnz0rz: i guess id rather put my trust in nato than a mystical force of cosmic justice
(09:02)pwnz0rz: they know what theyre doing and stuff
(09:03)metampsychotic: heh
(09:04)metampsychotic: maybe both
(09:05)pwnz0rz: whatever floats ur boat
(09:07)pwnz0rz: ...ok bad wording
(09:08)metampsychotic: heh
(09:09)metampsychotic: i just can't believe he's dead!!!
(09:10)metampsychotic: and
(09:11)metampsychotic: gerjgreigjreh
(09:12)metampsychotic: i just can't imagine it
(09:13)metampsychotic: he's been there all my life...
(09:13)metampsychotic: well, he's my dad, but
(09:15)metampsychotic: i don't mean biology
(09:15)metampsychotic: he's always been there for me, y'know?
(09:15)metampsychotic: and when mom...
(09:17)metampsychotic: i'm not so great at the people thing
(09:17)metampsychotic: you may have noticed
(09:20)pwnz0rz: were both nerds
(09:20)metampsychotic: yeah
(09:20)metampsychotic: well i don't really know that much about your early life, but i never really had much in the way of friends
(09:21)metampsychotic: and dad...
(09:23)metampsychotic: i'm pathetic
(09:23)pwnz0rz: woah
(09:23)pwnz0rz: hold up a sec
(09:23)pwnz0rz: you're scared and confused
(09:24)pwnz0rz: that's normal
(09:24)pwnz0rz: and if you weren't in a situation like this
(09:25)pwnz0rz: well
(09:25)pwnz0rz: it's a scary and confusing time
(09:26)pwnz0rz: and that's ok
(09:26)pwnz0rz: there's nothing pathetic about being human
(09:27)metampsychotic: :(
(09:27)metampsychotic: am i, luke?
(09:28)pwnz0rz: huh?
(09:29)metampsychotic: human, i mean
(09:30)metampsychotic: i certainly don't feel it sometimes
(09:32)pwnz0rz: what do you mean?
(09:33)metampsychotic: D:
(09:34)metampsychotic: i don't know how to describe it
(09:34)metampsychotic: i'm sorry :(
(09:35)pwnz0rz: hey, this is about you
(09:35)pwnz0rz: you've been there for me when i get upset and want to break things
(09:36)pwnz0rz: now it's my turn
(09:36)pwnz0rz: you know how you believe in that cosmic justice stuff? maybe this is an example
(09:37)pwnz0rz: balance the books of taking care of each other and what have you
(09:38)metampsychotic: omg
(09:38)metampsychotic: thanks
(09:39)pwnz0rz: np
(09:39)pwnz0rz: is this why your username is after a mental disorder?
(09:40)metampsychotic: it's not, actually!
(09:40)metampsychotic: it's a... term for reincarnation, sort of
(09:41)metampsychotic: well, it would be if i had spelled it right
(09:41)metampsychotic: but i like to pretend it's personal flair
(09:42)pwnz0rz: dude you know how me and spelling get along, it's okay
(09:43)metampsychotic: :)
(09:43)metampsychotic: that looks weird
(09:44)metampsychotic: bbbbbbbbbbut i guess it does relate to how... "not of this world" i feel sometimes
(09:45)metampsychotic: dad was great at anchoring me
(09:45)metampsychotic: oh g-d, what will i do without him?!
(09:46)pwnz0rz: let nato airplanes do cosmic justice
(09:46)pwnz0rz: you're always telling me to have faith...
(09:47)metampsychotic: i know...
(09:47)metampsychotic: it's hard
(09:48)pwnz0rz: i'm a atheist
(09:48)pwnz0rz: so no disagreement there
(09:49)metampsychotic: hehe
(09:50)metampsychotic: thanks
(09:50)metampsychotic: that was funny!
(09:51)pwnz0rz: you know i'm all about random humor
(09:52)metampsychotic: :)
(09:54)pwnz0rz: can you tell me more about this feeling of metampsychosis?
(09:55)metampsychotic: i don't think i'm ready to talk about that yet
(09:56)metampsychotic: but you've helped take the edge off this a little
(09:57)pwnz0rz: do you want me to come over?
(09:58)metampsychotic: nnnnnnnnnot yet :/
(09:59)metampsychotic: my face is all wet and my makeup's stupid
(09:59)metampsychotic: and also i don't want you to try and hug me rn
(10:00)pwnz0rz: i won't
(10:00)pwnz0rz: and idc what you look like
(10:00)pwnz0rz: this is about you, remember
(10:02)metampsychotic: and right now i want to be alone :/
(10:04)pwnz0rz: alright
(10:05)pwnz0rz: sorry
(10:05)metampsychotic: no, don't be! gosh
(10:05)metampsychotic: i feel less... wrong than before
(10:05)metampsychotic: but would you mind if i change the topic a bit?
(10:06)pwnz0rz: go for it
(10:06)metampsychotic: its a... thing from elementary school
(10:06)metampsychotic: and i think it's important
(10:06)metampsychotic: to all of this
(10:07)pwnz0rz: sup
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